Savarkar is immaterial today; Rahul should choose his battles carefully

Recapitulating political events in the Opposition space since Rahul Gandhi’s conviction and subsequent disqualification from the Lok Sabha p...

Disqualification aftermath: Rahul Gandhi’s second coming

Sometimes, two wrongs do make a right. Rahul Gandhi’s conviction for defamation and his expedited disqualification from Parliament show how right he was when he said in London that India’s democracy is under attack. The ruling dispensation’s political practice itself comes to Rahul Gandhi’s defence, when it comes to offering substantive proof of hi...

Tamil Nadu’s Rs 1,000 scheme for women marks larger trend toward Universal Basic Inco...

It is for the first time that a big state like Tamil Nadu, with a large per capita income, is expanding the scope of basic income criteria

To add muscle to national security talk, intelligence reforms a must

With just over a year left for the Modi government to complete two terms in office, it is time to ponder over its lack of initiative to undertake reforms to overhaul the country's intelligence services. It is one thing for the nation to feel good about serials and films like ‘Mukhbir’ or ‘Raazi’, but quite another to have in place world-class in...

Migrants are here to stay; fake video campaign in TN had to fall apart

Migrants have had no cause to complain in a big way in Tamil Nadu; the reverse is true, too

Advantage China in West Asia as US obsesses over bleeding Russia

In the great power rivalry among the US, Russia and China, American ineptitude gives Beijing a chance to play peacemaker between Iran and Saudi Arabia




Modi ‘scolding’ Albanese on temple vandalism smacks of double standards

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decision to publicly raise the issue of some incidents in recent weeks, such as acts of vandalism on Hindu temples in Australia by alleged pro-Khalistan groups, is, first and foremost, an instance of boorish diplomacy. Barely a day after exhibiting the Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese at the cricket stadi...

Nationalism should be built by accepting truth, not by telling falsehoods

Mohan Bhagwat says 70% of Indian population was educated pre-British Raj; but didn’t Shastras say Shudras and women must be left uneducated?

Caste subjugation: How we deny dignity to hereditary Bharatanatyam dancers

Those who consider themselves to be feminists should reflect on the language they use to describe victims of any kind of violence

India vs Australia: Are 3-day finishes, dust-bowls good for Test cricket?

The charm of Test cricket lies in its ability to attract spectators and to retain their interest

Is State power withering away? Alarm bells from Punjab and Haryana

Two recent episodes of mob action not only showed the State as failing miserably in its primary duty, but, paradoxically, also revived memories of an old Marxist concept, albeit in a different backdrop. Friedrich Engels, in his book Anti-Dühring, a major addition to the elucidation and development of Marxist theory, introduced the concept of the...

The Ukraine war, one year on: Escalation, not stalemate

The shadow of nuclear war has darkened over the world, as never before since the collapse of the Soviet Union; what drove Russia to attack Ukraine?

Rahul can be ‘tapasvi’; what Congress needs is labourers on its side

The Bharat Jodo Yatra and Rahul Gandhi’s changed image have to be cemented by roping in productive masses like farmers, artisans and farm workers

In Ukraine war, tide has turned in one year; Putin is on backfoot

The ‘surprise’ visit by US President Joe Biden to Kyiv earlier this week confirms the West’s active backing for Ukraine

New methods will have to be invented to test students in era of ChatGPT

AI can produce student essays, but that’s not the final product in education — what counts is training the human mind

Raid on BBC is a nation-building exercise, can’t you see?

The West needs all the allies it can muster to rein in China. And the one ally they must have to prevent China is India. Here's an imagined conversation between two Sangh Parivar members

Nepal’s chronic instability a huge worry for India; is Delhi doing enough?

India playing the Madhesi card, and uncertainties over Gorkha recruitment in Indian army under Agniveer scheme have not gone down well with Kathmandu

BBC may be govt’s target, but IT ‘survey’ signals tough days for India’s democracy

Less than a month after the BBC aired a critical documentary, The Modi Question, it received an unexpectedly strong answer in the form of a visit by India’s Income Tax officials. Though there cannot be a stone-etched evidence to link the documentary with the IT ‘Survey’ on the global broadcaster’s offices in the country, connection between the two ...

TV ‘sting’ row: Chetan Sharma’s position as chief selector is untenable

The last thing Indian cricket needed in the middle of a marquee series that holds the key to qualification for the final of the World Test Championship (WTC) is a distraction of any sort. The ‘sting’ operation conducted by a media house on Chetan Sharma, the chief selector, is, truth to tell, little more than a distraction and has mercifully only h...

The India story: Polarised media, a belligerent state, and some silenced voices

The past year-and-a-half has been difficult. Every time a news breaks, I still yearn to be on top of it — marshalling reporters and opinion writers to dissect it from every angle and reach the very bottom of its truth. My own fingers twitch too, desperately anxious to write down my own take on the kaleidoscope of events that is present-day India. ...

What Air India’s deal to buy 470 aircraft tells free-market fundamentalists

Three heads of government made excited announcements in the wake of the deal’s announcement, demolishing the claim of Chinese walls between the state and business

Who is most ‘virtuous’ of us all? An epic battle for ‘morality’ in Karnataka

To deflect all unwelcome but unavoidable attention, the party in power has shouted loud and long against Karnataka’s ‘internal’ enemies

Budget will boost growth, provided budgeted capex materialises

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has come up with a Budget that did not deserve a thumbs down from the Nifty, which ended the day’s trading 0.26% lower. This was more on account of the troubles of the Adani Group and, by association, of public sector banks with exposure to the group. The big boost to capital expenditure — including grants in ...

Govt procurement from farmers is necessary till abject poverty ends

Only a third of agricultural households were aware of minimum support price for the crops they grew, just a quarter of them were aware of the procurement agency, and less than a seventh sold their produce to a procurement agency. These findings of the National Sample Survey (NSS) 70th round on key indicators of 'Situation of Agricultural Households...

Time to revamp FCI? It offers little to the farmer or PDS management

It is time to relook at the Food Corporation of India, which was created when the country was going through a severe food crisis. Now, it will be a good idea to turn it into a commodity trading entity

India’s conundrum: Greater the wealth, lesser the tax burden

The tax management strategy of the wealthy makes the direct tax regime regressive; why is it that leading businessmen are rarely spotted in the list of top taxpayers?