Row over wedding feast planned for Swara Bhasker in Aligarh Muslim Univ

Row over wedding feast planned for Swara Bhasker in Aligarh Muslim Univ

The Bollywood actor's marriage to political activist Fahad Ahmad has prompted right-wing trolls to mock her on social media

Bollywood actor Swara Bhaskar’s recent marriage to a political activist, a Samajwadi Party worker, Fahad Ahmad, which prompted many right-wing trolls to mock her on social media, continues to attract controversies.

The most recent one being over a reception to be hosted by the Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) for the couple, who have registered their marriage under the Special Marriage Act on February 16, 2023. However, amid a row that has broken out about the ‘legality’ of her marriage under the Sharia law, some AMU students are against this reception for the couple. Incidentally, Fahad Ahmad, is an alumnus of AMU.

One of the dissenting voices is that of Nadeen Ansari, former vice-president of the AMU students’ union who told the media that if Shaheen Bagh and tukde tukde gang people are allowed to enter the campus, anti-India slogans could be raised.

But, according to a former president of the students’ union, Fazal Hasan, they would like to throw the couple a dawat (feast) since Fahad is an old student. Further, he said that they will invite responsible people from society for the celebration which will take place inside the campus.

According to media reports, he also said that he could not understand why people should object. According to Hasan, Fahad and Swara love each other and it’s their personal matter. And, as friends, they could at least give a dawat (feast) for them to celebrate their marriage. Moreover, this is not his campus, and neither does it belong to any other person. “This campus belongs to the university,” Fazal told the media.

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However, Ansari objected to holding a celebration in an educational institute. He said that such a celebration programme does not suit a university campus. And, Ansari warned that they would protest if any such incident took place. According to Ansari, the couple’s marriage is not even valid under Sharia. “What is Walima then?” he asked, adding that the dawat could be given in any of the restaurants in Aligarh.

“If Shaheen Bagh and tukde-tukde people come here, anti-India slogans could also be raised. And if that happens, the administration will be responsible,” warned Ansari, according to media reports.

Marriage not valid, says Islamic scholar

Earlier, a Chicago-based Islamic scholar Yasir Nadeem al Wajidi slammed the couple’s marriage triggering a row on social media. According to Wajidi, if Swara Bhasker is not Muslim and her ‘supposed’ husband is Muslim, this marriage is not valid. “Allah says do not marry polytheistic women until they believe. If she accepts Islam only for the sake of marriage, it is not accepted by Allah,” Dr Yasir tweeted.

“The legal, but unIslamic, marriage of Swara Bhasker is an occasion for us to remind our fellow Muslims to stop normalizing what has been forbidden by Him. The Quran is clear, it is not permissible for a Muslim man to marry an idol worshiping woman. Free Choice is not so free,” he added.

His tweet drew the ire of Delhi-based RJ Sayema, who hit out at the scholar for giving ‘unsolicited advice’. Admitting his citing from the Quran is right, she said that ‘we need to stop imposing and let people be’. She added, “Allah won’t ask you. ‘Neeyat’ is a pillar of Islam and you appear questionable. This is disservice to Islam. I hope you realise it.”

When Swara Bhaskar announced her marriage she praised the Special Marriage Act which allows marriage notwithstanding the faith of the parties. “Three cheers for the #SpecialMarriageAct (despite notice period, etc.) At least it exists and gives love a chance. The right to love, the right to choose your life partner, the right to marry, the right to agency should not be a privilege”, Swara Bhasker tweeted.

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