Madhya Pradesh CM mulls liquor ban to create a ‘good state’

CM Shivraj Chouhan has said that he wants to make Madhya Pradesh a liquor-free state and wants to make a resolution to this effect with the support of the people

The Madhya Pradesh CM wants to run a campaign against liquor consumption in the state

To help Madhya Pradesh become a “good state”, Chief Minister Shivraj Chouhan has said on Saturday (February 6) that his government wants to ban liquor and will shortly run a campaign to urge tipplers from consuming alcohol.

Keen to transform MP into a liquor-free state, Chouhan said that a liquor ban is insufficient to deter people from drinking alcohol. Liquor will continue to be  supplied if there are people to consume it, he pointed out.

“We will run a liquor-free campaign so that people stop consuming alcohol and we become a good state. We must take a resolution for this,” Chouhan affirmed at a rally.

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The Chief Minister also promised that every village house in Katni district will get clean drinking water in their taps in the next three years. Further, he added that poor people will be given money to build pucca houses, adding that about 3,25,000 Ayushman cards were created, including free treatment of up to ₹ 5 lakhs for the needy.

Even as rape cases continue to climb in the state, Chouhan went on to point out that MP is the first government that had announced capital punishment for misconduct with daughters of the state. And, under Muskan Abhiyan in Katni, 50 girls have been saved, he reiterated. 37 men have been sentenced under this scheme, with two having filed for a mercy petition, he said, during an inauguration of a project in Katni district.

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In a press conference, he told media persons that he had also participated in the meeting organised with the public representatives and senior officials for the presentation of the five-year action plan for the urban areas of Katni district. And, he has given instructions that the riverfront should be developed on both sides of the river in Katni to improve its glory. Chouhan inaugurated several projects here to bring about an Atmanirbhar Madhya Pradesh.