Nitish calls Bihar BJP chief ‘brainless’ after “mitti mein mila denge” comment

Nitish calls Bihar BJP chief ‘brainless’ after “mitti mein mila denge” comment

On Sunday (April 23), Bihar’s Chief Minister Nitish Kumar responded to state BJP President Samrat Chaudhary’s comment about reducing his party to dust by calling the newer generation of BJP leaders “brainless.” Nitish Kumar, who is considered the de facto leader of the Janata Dal United (JDU), further stated that he did not want to provide any comment on BJP leaders who were making such remarks.

The Bihar Chief minister remarked, “If he (Samrat Chaudhary) is saying that, tell him to do it. Those who use such words have no brains.”

On Saturday, the leader of Bihar’s BJP, Samrat Chaudhary, issued a warning that his party’s leaders would reduce Nitish Kumar and his political party to rubble, drawing a comparison to Yogi Adityanath’s uncompromising warning to mafias during an Assembly session. When lawyer Umesh Pal was assassinated outside his home in Prayagraj in February, the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister proclaimed in the Assembly, “I am saying in this House that mafias will be reduced to dust.”

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Umesh Pal was murdered by Atiq Ahmed, a gangster-turned-politician and his associates, who was himself assassinated on April 15 in Prayagraj.

In a dig at Nitish Kumar, Samrat Chaudhary taunted that people were no longer willing to support the Chief Minister, who had made numerous U-turns, and that BJP workers needed to seek revenge. Despite the Prime Minister’s pledge to appoint Nitish Kumar as Chief Minister in 2020, he fled the party, according to Chaudhary.

Samrat Chaudhary expressed his desire to politically destroy Nitish Kumar in retaliation for his defection from the party. “Now that he has fled, we must ensure that he is politically reduced to dust. In 2024 and 2025, BJP workers should pledge to reduce Nitish to dust politically,” he stated.

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Nitish Kumar, on the other hand, dismissed Samrat Chaudhary’s “mitti me mila denge” comment and challenged him to go ahead with it. Nitish Kumar claimed that he never uses such derogatory language and refuses to engage in such rhetoric against anyone. He stated that BJP leaders who use such language lack intelligence, and they are free to do whatever they choose.

Nitish expressed his efforts towards bringing together the opposition for the upcoming 2024 Lok Sabha elections. He plans to meet Mamata Banerjee, the Chief Minister of West Bengal, in Kolkata on April 25th and will wait to comment until after the meeting.

Regarding the meeting, Nitish stated that he is currently focused on uniting the opposition and has no personal ambitions. He emphasised that his actions are for the betterment of the country and that some individuals are determined to alter its history. He added that if the opposition remains united, then the nation will remain secure.

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