Mann Ki Baat episode 99: Around Navratri, Modi praises women warriors

Praises a couple who donated their month-old daughter’s organs

PM Modi Mann Ki Baat
Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s monthly “Mann ki Baat” programme completed its 100th episode on Sunday. File photo

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the 99th episode of Mann Ki Baat, broadcast on Sunday (March 26), extolled women who have played a part in showcasing India’s emerging potential.

“My fellow citizens, it is currently Navratri, a time for worshipping Shakti. India’s emerging potential is being viewed from a new perspective, with our women playing a significant role. There have been recent examples of this, such as Asia’s first female loco pilot, Surekha Yadav, who has set records by becoming the first woman loco pilot of Vande Bharat Express.”

Elephant Whisperers gets a mention

“The documentary The Elephant Whisperers, produced by Guneet Monga and directed by Kartiki Gonsalves, won an Oscar and brought pride to our country. Jyotirmayee Mohanty, a scientist at the Bhabha Atomic Research Center, also received a special award from IUPAC in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. Furthermore, India’s Under-19 women’s cricket team made history by winning the T-20 World Cup, while in Nagaland, two women legislators won seats in the Vidhan Sabha for the first time in 75 years, with one being appointed a minister,” said Modi.

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Modi also praised the women members of the NDRF contingent that was sent to Turkey in the aftermath of the recent devastating earthquake.

“Recently, I met with the courageous daughters who aided the people of Turkey following the devastating earthquake, as part of the NDRF contingent. Their bravery and skills have garnered worldwide praise. India has also deployed a women-only platoon in the Peacekeeping Force under the UN Mission,” he said.

Praise for women warriors

Extolling the contribution of women warriors of the armed forces, Modi said, “Today, our daughters are exhibiting bravery in all three-armed forces. Group Captain Shalija Dhami, with 3,000 hours of flying experience, has become the first woman Air Force officer to receive a Command Appointment in a Combat Unit. Meanwhile, Captain Shiva Chauhan of the Indian Army has become the first woman officer to be stationed at Siachen, where the temperature drops to minus sixty (-60) degrees, for three months.”

Modi also hailed a couple who donated their month-old baby daughter’s organs. “We have the pleasure of welcoming a wonderful daughter, her father Sukhbir Singh Sandhu, and her mother Supreet Kaur. This family resides in Amritsar, Punjab. Despite many prayers, they had to bid farewell to their beautiful daughter Ababat Kaur when she was just 39 days old. The name “Ababat” is associated with serving others and easing their suffering. However, the family made a very inspiring decision to donate their daughter’s organs,” said Modi, who then spoke to the couple on phone.

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Referring to India’s remarkable success in the clean and renewable energy field, Modi said, “When I speak to people from different parts of the world, they often mention India’s remarkable success in this field. India’s rapid progress in solar energy is especially noteworthy, and it is a significant achievement in itself. The people of India have had a special connection with the sun for centuries…I am delighted that today, every citizen understands the importance of solar energy and wants to contribute to clean energy efforts. This collective effort, or “Sabka Prayas,” is driving India’s Solar Mission forward.”

“In Pune, Maharashtra, I came across an impressive initiative that has caught my attention. The people of MSR-Olive Housing Society have decided to run their shared utilities like drinking water, lifts, and lights solely on solar energy. The Society came together and installed solar panels, generating around 90,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity each year. This has resulted in a monthly savings of approximately Rs 40,000 for the Society, benefiting all its members.”

Modi also hailed the upcoming “Saurashtra-Tamil Sangamam” and said this event would celebrate the contributions of Saurashtrians who settled in Tamil Nadu close to a thousand years ago.

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Commenting on the 400th birth anniversary of Veer Lachit Borphukan ji, Modi said, “The brave Lachit Borphukan had liberated Guwahati from the clutches of the tyrannical Mughal Sultanate. Today, the country is getting acquainted with the indomitable courage of this great warrior. A few days ago, a campaign for essay writing based on the life of Lachit Borphukan was launched. You will be surprised to know that about 45 lakh people sent essays for this,” he said adding, it is a Guinness Record.

Modi informed that these essays were written in 23 different languages. “Apart from the Assamese language, people have sent essays in languages like Hindi, English, Bangla, Bodo, Nepali, Sanskrit, and Santhali,” he said.

The PM also spoke about lotuses in Dal Lake in Kashmir. Talking about lotus stems, he said, “In Kashmir, they are called Nadru. The demand for Nadru of Kashmir is continuously increasing. In light of this demand, farmers cultivating Nadru in Dal Lake have formed an FPO. About 250 farmers have joined this FPO. Today these farmers have started exporting their Nadru to foreign countries. Just some time back, these farmers sent two consignments to UAE. This success is not only bringing a name to Kashmir but also it has increased the income of hundreds of farmers.”

Lavender cultivation hailed

Modi also hailed the cultivation of lavender in Kashmir by farmers who were handheld and taught by Aroma Mission of the Central Government. This move has raised the income of the farmers, he said.

Modi also congratulated the people Kashmir for constructing the Grand Temple of Maa Sharada. “This temple is built on the same route one would use to go to visit Sharda Peeth. The local people have helped a lot in the construction of this Temple. I congratulate the people of Jammu and Kashmir for this auspicious work,” he concluded.