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2 people injured in shooting at California Gurudwara

Two people were shot in a Gurudwara in California’s Sacramento County on Sunday (March 26).

While both victims are in critical condition, the Sacramento County Sheriff’s office, has said that the shooting is not a hate crime and both the victims knew each other.

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“Two people shot at a Gurudwara in Sacramento County, California. The shooting is not related to a hate crime, it is a shootout between two men who knew each other,” says Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office.

The sheriff’s office said an argument between the two escalated into a shootout.

Amar Gandhi, spokesperson at Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office told the media that ”Suspect 2” was down when “Suspect 1” shot suspect 2’s friend. It was then that Suspect 2 shot Suspect 1.

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Gandhi said all the involved people knew one another and the shooting seems to be a fallout of some past issue within them.

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