Pols aa gayi pols: Kangana warns Diljit Dosanjh of arrest over Khalistan issue

'Pols aa gayi pols': Kangana warns Diljit Dosanjh of arrest over Khalistan issue

Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut seems to have bounced back into action on social media  as she attacked her old bete-noire – Diljit Dosanjh, Punjabi actor on Twitter and warned him this time that he would be arrested for allegedly supporting Khalistanis.

Her elaborate post taking a potshot at the singer-songwriter comes in the backdrop of the massive manhunt launched in Punjab against absconding Khalistani sympathiser and radical preacher, Amritpal Singh.

Earlier, Kangana and Diljit had fought a bitter verbal war on social media at the height of the farmer’s protest over the controversial farm bills in 2020. At that time, the Manikarnika actor had accused the Punjabi singer of provoking farmers and taking their side against the BJP government.

In her latest Twitter post, this time around, the actress warned Diljit that he can be arrested because nobody can do what they want anymore. And, she added that “desh ke saath gaddari ya tukde karne ke koshish aab mehengi padegi” (anyone who is a traitor to his country or tries to break it, this will cost them big time)

She said the police has arrived (in Punjab) and will be next searching for “all Khalistani supporters”.

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In her first post on Twitter, Kangana used a viral meme about a Swiggy post on pulses, which said ‘Oye pulse aayegi pulse’ and tagged Diljit in it, while adding the hashtag ‘Just Saying’. She also turned the viral meme around and took a jibe at Diljit saying: “Pols aa gayi pols“. Kangana also added the word ‘Khalistan’ and put a cross GIF on it.

Kangana, Diljit, Twitter postIn another subsequent post, she said, all the supporters of Khalistanis, remember next up is you. The police is here. Your attempt to betray the country or wanting to destroy it will cost you big time.”

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In the past, at the height of their feud on social media, the Punjabi star had also hit back at Kangana on Twitter saying, “Who is a patriot and who is not, who gave you the right to decide this?.” And asked her what is her authority on the farmers protests.

“You should have some shame before claiming that these protesting farmers are anti-nationals,” he had told her.

During their argument, Kangana has also called Diljit as “Karan Johar’s pet’, to which the Punjabi singer had asked her if she became a “pet” of everyone whom she had ever worked with. Kangana later said in a TV interview that she had challenged him to say that he is not a Khalistani and he never said it.

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