Diljit dedicates song to Rihanna, sparks Twitter war with Kangana

Dosanjh composes and uploads on YouTube a song dedicated to the Barbadian singer and musician who has supported the farmers' protest; Kangana accuses him of being a Khalistani

Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut launched yet another attack on actor and singer-songwriter Diljit Dosanjh on Wednesday, who backed international pop Rihanna for supporting the farmers’ protest. Dosanjh composed and uploaded on YouTube a song dedicated to the Barbadian singer and musician, called Riri, after she tweeted an article on the internet ban at protest sites, on Tuesday (February 2).

Kangana tweeted: “Isko bhi apne 2 rupees banane hain, yeh sab kabse plan ho raha hai? One month toh minimum lagega to prep for video and announcement, and libru want us to believe is all organic ha ha #Indiatogether #IndiaAgainstPropoganda (He also wants to make money, how long have you been planning this? It must’ve taken at least a month to prepare for the video and announcement and liberals wants us to believe it’s all organic.).”

Diljit shot back with the tweet: “Rs 2 (laughing emoji) Don’t talk to me about your job. I took only half an hour to make the song. Please go. Do not bore me.”

Kangana claimed that her only job was “Desh Bhakti” and accused Diljit of being a “Khalistani”. “I only have one job — to be a patriot. That is what I do all day. I will continue to do that but I will not allow you to succeed in your plans, you Khalistani.”


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Diljit replied: “You make no sense. Don’t play God. You say you will not let me? Who the hell are you? You show up every time. Go away, no one is talking about you.”

To Diljit’s tweet, Kangana replied: “India only belongs to Indians, not Khalistanis. Declare that you are not a Khalistani, please say you condemn fringe groups such as Khalistanis participating in protests. If you say this I will apologise and consider you a true patriot. Please say I am waiting #IndiaTogether.”

Diljit replied: “We are with India. The government will take care of anybody who says something wrong. That’s their job. Not yours or mine.”

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Kangana replied: “I know you will never declare that you are not a Khalistani, this is for everyone to see, you are a wolf in sheep’s clothing… Jai Hind.”

The 2.15-minute Punjabi song Riri, which premiered on YouTube without a video, calls Rihanna a “fairy” and speaks of her home country Barbados.

After Rihanna’s tweet, climate activist Greta Thunberg also extended her support to the farmers.