Modi is country’s PM, his security can’t be politicised: Priyanka Gandhi

Congress leader speaks on the PM’s security breach, the BJP government’s performance in UP, and her party’s poll plans

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra
The Congress does not plan any pre-poll alliance, said party leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra. File photo

Emphasising that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is desh ke Pradhan Mantri (PM of the country), Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has said the recent security breach in Punjab should not be politicised.

“I have no constitutional post. When I saw (the alleged security breach) on TV, I was worried about the PM to know if he was alright, if our government (in Punjab) had not mishandled it. I have spoken to Channi ji (Punjab Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi) as a colleague only,” she told India Today in a televised interview.

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Uttar Pradesh elections


During elections, the Congress raises issues related to the public, said Priyanka. “Religion and caste are the main issues lingering now. Leaders should be held responsible. I am not saying these are issues not to be talked about, but real issues, concerning education, etc, should be given preference,” she said.

The Brahmin community in Uttar Pradesh has been ‘tortured’ and ‘targeted’ for long, said the Congress leader. “What has been done for Brahmins? Brahmins are also tortured and targeted from the time I have taken charged. I have not tried to stop any Brahmin politician. This struggle is not for cowards,” she said in the interview.

On the parallel, the Dalit community in the State has also faced a lot of attacks in the BJP rule led by Yogi Adityanath in UP, said Priyanka.

There has been speculation that the Congress may tie up with Mayawati’s BSP for the UP Assembly election. But Priyanka said the Congress does not plan any pre-poll alliance. “Whatever will happen will happen only after the election,” she clarified.

Women empowerment

The BJP is not doing enough on women-related issues, said the leader. Her Ladkhi hoon, lad sakti hoon (‘I am a woman, I can fight’) campaign is going door-to-door to appeal to UP voters now, she added. “From the time I raised the issue, Modi ji conducted one women’s sammelan (meet). The Samajwadi Party is also working on it. The BJP only believes in giving freebies,” she told the interviewer.

“Rapes are happening every day in UP. The administration is not taking action against them. Women should have good participation in politics. We will bring change,” she emphasised.

She and her brother and Congress leader Rahul Gandhi are ‘serious politicians’, and not ‘accidental netas’ as claimed by BJP leaders, said Priyanka. “Why is Yogi not taking Rahul Gandhi seriously? If he is so unimportant and not serious, then why do they talk about him all the time? They talk about us as accidental networks. My brother has spent 15 years in politics. The truth is that we are very serious. My last meeting ended at 3.30 am. What could be more serious than this?” she asked.