Telangana raises quota for STs in govt jobs, education to 10%

The Telangana government has issued orders providing 10 per cent reservation to Scheduled Tribes (STs) in educational institutions and government jobs. The order which was issued late on Saturday (September 30) will be effective from October 1.

The earlier quota for people from the ST community was 6 per cent in the state.

At a recent public meeting, Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao said his government would soon issue orders enhancing the quota to 10 per cent for STs in government jobs and educational institutions.

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In April 2017, his government had passed a bill on the 10 per cent reservation and sent it to the Centre to get the President’s approval.

“Over the past six years, the state government sent several representations in this connection, but the same is still pending. Therefore, in these circumstances, it is expedient to enhance the percentage of Scheduled Tribe reservations, without any further loss of time,” the GO said.

“The Government of Telangana after careful consideration of the above special circumstances, hereby orders enhancement of reservations for the Scheduled Tribes from 6 per cent to 10 per cent in educational institutions and state government services,” it said.

With the latest addition, the overall reservation in the state would shoot to 64 per cent – 15 per cent for Scheduled Castes, 10 per cent for STs, 10 per cent for Economically Backward Classes, and 29 per cent for Backward Classes.

The Constitution, however, caps the total reservation at 50 per cent. Referring to the same, the Telangana government cited a judgement of the Supreme Court in Indra Sawhney vs Union of India, in which the apex court allowed relaxation to the 50 per cent rule under certain special circumstances.

To make a case, the Telangana government also cited the recommendations of the S Chellappa Commission for Scheduled Tribes, stating that the findings of the commission, “based on sound and relevant reasoning, clearly establish such special circumstances and emphasize the need for enhancement of reservations for Scheduled Tribes.”

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In its executive orders, the KCR government also cited the instance of Tamil Nadu, which empowered by the IX Schedule of the Indian Constitution, has been providing reservation up to 69 per cent for the past 28 years.

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