‘Dravidian model’ the governance formula for all states: Stalin’s rejoinder to Governor Ravi

Without naming anyone Stalin says those who could not tolerate the DMK’s achievements were resorting to distorting its good work by spreading baseless allegations

MK Stalin, JNU students attack
Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M K Stalin I File Photo: PTI

In a sharp rejoinder to Tamil Nadu Governor RN Ravi’s dismissal of the ‘Dravidian model of governance,’ Chief Minister MK Stalin said the very model has acted as a reference point for governance in all states of the country.

Ravi during an interview with a national daily said that the DMK’s Dravidian model of governance was a “political slogan” and a “desperate bid to sustain an expired ideology, an ideology that does not relish the idea of Oru Bharatham, one India.”

In a letter to party men Stalin said the two years of the DMK rule, during which it has been dispensing pro-people initiatives and transforming Tamil Nadu into a welfare state, is a testimony that the DMK’s governance model is a success.

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“This success will continue for a full five-year term. The winning streak will continue in the subsequent elections,” Stalin, who as the DMK president catapulted the party to power, decimating the decade-old rule of the AIADMK in the 2021 Assembly election, said.

The governor and the ruling DMK have had run-ins over a number of issues, including his approval for state bills such as the one seeking exemption for Tamil Nadu from the ambit of the National Entrance cum Eligibility Test (NEET).

“The people of Tamil Nadu have given us a decisive mandate to rule the state banishing the 10 years of dark rule. Since the DMK assumed power on May 7, 2021, our Dravidian model of governance has been implementing projects with welfare of the people in mind,” Stalin said in his letter.

He said those who could not tolerate the DMK’s achievements were resorting to distorting the good work by spreading baseless allegations to slander the party.

“That’s why we have to respond loudly to speak the truth and counter the rumours and slanders,” he said.

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Without naming anyone, he alleged that these people have made a habit to slander the DMK since it took up the reins, as they couldn’t stomach its popularity.

‘Delusional, RSS mouthpiece’

Several DMK leaders and leaders of allied parties have condemned the governor’s remarks and accused him of “spewing venom against the party”.

DMK Rajya Sabha MP and senior advocate P Wilson flayed Ravi for his remarks on Dravidian ideology, and said “does Mr Ravi realise that TN overwhelmingly voted for the ideology of Dravidian model government again in 2021?”

“He is suffering from a delusion that he knows the people and politics of this state. What is expired is the relevance of the post of Governor!” Wilson angrily retorted in a tweet.

Alleging that it has become Governor Ravi’s wont to violate the constitutional position by making controversial remarks, TNCC chief K S Alagiri claimed “the Governor has yet again spewed venom.”

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“Is he a political party leader to talk about the ideology of a party? What is his standing? What merit does he have to talk thus?” Alagiri asked.

He said the DMK’s policy was autonomy in the state and federalism at the Centre and it is a force that has been fighting for the interests and rights of the people. “But the Governor talks about Oru Bharatham, one India, which is the policy of the BJP,” Alagiri said.

He said the governor, perhaps, is mistaken between the ideology of the BJP, which harps on one nation concept to impose its rule, and the DMK which champions for the cause of autonomy in the state.
“The Governor is persistently overstepping his limits. People will join hands to end the governor’s anti-democratic activities soon,” Alagiri said.

CPI State Secretary R Mutharasan demanded the recall of the governor, alleging he had proved himself to be a spokesperson of the RSS and the BJP rather than remain apolitical.

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“He has been creating a false impression that the law and order in Tamil Nadu has deteriorated. He has endorsed the BJP slogan of ‘one nation, one Bharat’ and is attempting to slander the Dravidian model of governance,” Mutharasan, another ally of the ruling DMK, said.
MDMK founder Vaiko also took exception to Ravi’s contention that the Dravidian model of governance is a “political slogan”, aimed at sustaining an “expired ideology” and sought his apology for insulting the Dravidian thought.