Sreelekha former DGP Kerala, Dileep case
Sreelekha, who had received flak for granting Dileep a “few favours” back in 2017 when the actor was in jail, said that the police should admit they had made a mistake by arresting him

Dileep is innocent in actress assault case, says former Kerala DGP Sreelekha

A former DGP, R Sreelekha, has come forward to vouch for Malayalam actor Dileep, one of the accused in the 2017 Kerala actress sexual assault case. She said categorically that she is 100 per cent convinced that Dileep is not involved in the case and that he was a victim of a serious conspiracy.

“I don’t believe that knowingly or unknowingly he has any role in it,” said Sreelekha, a former director general of prisons, in a 40-minute video in her YouTube channel, Sasneham Sreelekha (Sreelekha, with love) on Sunday (July 10). The title of her video was ‘Dileep, innocent in the assault case?’

She criticised the investigation officer for not having solid evidence to prove the charges against the actor and alleged the presence of a conspiracy in the case. However, at the same time, she seemed to profess faith in the police system which she had belonged to. Sreelekha, Kerala’s first IPS officer said that Dileep was a victim of a serious conspiracy against him since people were jealous of his success.

According to Sreelekha, who had received a lot of flak for granting the actor Dileep a “few favours”, back in 2017 when the actor was in jail, said that the police should admit they had made a mistake by arresting him. She clarified that she is coming forward now because the public should know that she thinks the man has suffered enough.

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Sreelekha felt that Dileep was dragged into the case because his enemies were very powerful. In her view, Pulsar Suni, had done the same thing to other actresses who had confessed to her how they had suffered in his hands. How he would befriend them, become their driver, abduct them and then take videos to blackmail them.

They used to embezzle money from people in the past by threatening them, she said. Moreover, she said, that the letter allegedly written by Pulsar Suni from prison came out only after a charge sheet was filed in the case. Further, she asked why the police had not managed to get the information about Dileep’s involvement when he was in police custody for two weeks. He had not revealed at that time that Dileep had given him a quotation to attack the actress.

When the case had reached its conclusion in 2022, with no evidence against Dileep, “out of the blue another case emerges”, she said. Bits of evidence taken from here and there are projected as real evidence. However, she does not want to believe that this is a fabricated case because she had faith in the police. According to Sreelekha, she was giving her view on all this now because people had been asking her about it.

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