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Siddaramaiah, who took oath as Karnataka chief minister in May, is yet to move into the official residence. File photo

National Education Policy incompatible with federal system, says Karnataka CM

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Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Friday (July 7) attacked the National Education Policy (NEP), saying it is incompatible with the federal system and has several anomalies that undermine the Constitution and democracy.

In his budget speech in the Legislative Assembly in Bengaluru, he said the Karnataka government would formulate a new education policy, keeping in mind the local social, cultural and economic milieu of the State.

The new policy would elevate the higher education standards in the State to the global level and empower youth to compete globally and gain meaningful employment opportunities, said the Chief Minister, who holds the finance portfolio.

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Siddaramaiah alleged that the national education policy implemented by the Central government is incompatible with the federal system of governance.

“It has several anomalies that undermine the Constitution and democracy,” the Chief Minister said. “Uniform education system does not suit a nation like India which has diverse religions, languages and cultures”.

Siddaramaiah also addressed the menace of fake mark certificates and said that to deal with the problem, the government would make it mandatory for students of higher education in the state to get registered in the Academic Bank of Credits and access marks cards and education certificates from the National Academic Depository/Digilocker.

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