Karnataka polls: Cong associated with 85 per cent commission, says PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a election rally in Karnataka claimed the grand old party had always been associated with "85 per cent commission"

Modi Karnataka Congress Commission
Modi said that Congress "prospers" in corruption and it can never take action against the corrupt I Photo: @narendramodi / Twitter

Prime Minister Narendra Modi strongly criticised the Congress party’s history of corruption on Sunday (April 30), alleging that they had always been linked to “85 per cent commission.” He also pointed out that members of their “shahi parivar” or royal family were currently out on bail in connection with multi-crore scams.

Training guns on the Congress over its party president M Mallikarjun Kharge’s venomous snake barb at him, Modi said that the snake was the charm of lord Shiva’s neck, and for him the people of the country were a “form of god”, and he was fine with being compared to the snake on their necks.

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“There is a reason why the country has lost trust in Congress and its shahi parivar: Congresss identity has always been associated with 85 per cent commission. During Congress rule its top leader and then prime minister used to say with pride that if he sends Rs one from Delhi,15 paise reaches them (people) on ground. Congress claws used to snatch away 85 paise of the poor,” Modi said.

“Cong eats 85 percent commission”

Addressing a public meeting in Kolar, the Prime Minister said, “This is not BJP’s allegation, but it is the public acceptance of the Congress former prime minister. Congress that eats 85 per cent commission can never work for the development of Karnataka.”

The Prime Minister’s attack on the Congress follows the party’s strong campaign against the ruling BJP in Karnataka over allegations that it was taking “40 per cent commission” from contractors.

“Hundred per cent of the amount sent by the BJP government today reaches the beneficiary. In the past nine years, with the strength of Digital India, Rs 29 lakh crore has been credited into the bank account of the poor, under various schemes,” the PM said.

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“If Congress that eats 85 per cent commission had continued, Rs 24 lakh crore out of this could not have reached the poor,” he claimed, adding that BJP came to power only nine years ago and stopped this. He asked people to “imagine about the lakhs of crores of rupees that Congress leaders had filled in their lockers before that”.

“Cong prospers in corruption”

Stating that Congress “prospers” in corruption and it can never take action against the corrupt, Modi said, “Congress can never design any scheme or programme which doesn’t involve a scam.”

“Even today, Congress shahi parivar and people close to it are out on bail in a scam involving thousands of crores of rupees. Those facing charges of corruption and are out on bail are today coming to Karnataka and preaching. Congress, whose top leaders are facing charges of corruption and members of whose shahi parivar are out on bail cannot take action against corruption,” he added.

“During the nine years before 2014, during Congress rule, only Rs 5,000 crore worth property of the corrupt was seized, while in the past nine years under the BJP rule, properties worth over Rs 1 lakh crore of those who looted the country have been seized,” Modi said, asserting that only the BJP could swiftly act and take strong action against corruption.

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Noting that Congress was facing the most difficulty due to his actions against corruption, the PM said that was the reason that the party’s “hate” against him had increased day-by-day.

“They have further increased their attack against me. Congress people are issuing threats these days. They are saying Modi teri qabr khudegi (Modi your grave will be dug). Now in Karnataka’s election, Congress biggest issue is the snake and its venom,” he said.

Congress and its leaders were comparing him to a snake and were asking for votes from the people, Modi said, “but snake is the charm of lord Shankar’s (Shiva) neck, and for me the people of the country are the form of Lord Eshwar, they are the form of Shiva. So Im fine with being the snake that adorns the neck of the people.”

“People will give Cong befitting reply”

“I know that the people of Karnataka, the land of saints and sanskar, will give a befitting reply to Congress abuses through votes. The anger of the people against the Congress will reflect through votes on May 10,” he added.

Making a speech in a campaign rally in poll-bound Karnataka on Thursday, Kharge likened Modi to a venomous snake. As a row erupted, he later backtracked stating that his intention was not to hurt anyone’s feelings and the “statement was not for PM Modi, but for the ideology he represents”.

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