Lungi ban
People of the Himsagar Society have been banned from sporting lungis such as the one above I Pic for representational purposes: Wikimedia Commons

Greater Noida Society enforces dress code; prohibits lungis and nighties

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In a society located in Greater Noida, the Residents’ Welfare Association (RWA) has recently distributed a notice to its residents, urging them to refrain from wearing lungis and nighties within the society premises.

Dated June 10 (Saturday), the notice gained attention on social media platforms on Tuesday, drawing criticism from residents of other housing societies who viewed the RWA’s attempt as an infringement upon personal choices and an unnecessary policing of clothing preferences, reported the Hindustan Times.

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The Residents’ Welfare Association (RWA) of Himsagar Society in Phi-2, Greater Noida, recently issued a notice titled “Dress code for walking in the premises of the society.” The notice emphasized the importance of conduct and attire while moving within the society to avoid any objections from others.

According to the notice, residents were urged to be mindful of their behaviour and dress whenever they are in the society. It specifically requested residents not to wear lungis and nighties, which are considered as home wear, while moving around within the premises.

CK Kalra, the president of the RWA, explained that these guidelines were implemented in response to complaints received from a few female residents. One incident involved a senior citizen practicing yoga in the park while wearing a loose garment (lungi). Initially, verbal requests were made to residents, but as the issue persisted, the decision was made to issue a formal circular.

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The RWA president, CK Kalra, clarified that the notice is merely a request to the residents and not an imposition. Many residents expressed their support for the circular, stating that they did not have any issue with it.

According to Rukmani Singh, a resident of the society, the dress code is not enforced with fines, and she personally has not observed anyone wearing lungis or nighties while moving within the premises. She added that the society consists of disciplined residents, including retired defense personnel.

However, Devender Tiger, the president of the Federation of RWAs in Greater Noida, disagreed with the notion of a dress code in residential societies. He insisted that residential societies are not educational institutions and do not require a dress code.

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Rajiva Singh, president of the Noida Federation of Apartment Owner’s Association (NOFAA), clarified that welfare associations lack the authority to create or define such guidelines.

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