Shraddha-like murder in Delhi: body sliced into pieces, stored in fridge

Shraddha Walkar killing and a similar case
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Another murder similar to that of Shraddha Walkar has emerged in Delhi, with a man’s chopped body parts being found in various parts of the eastern part of the city.

Delhi Police arrested a woman and her son for the murder of her second husband.

The woman Poonam confessed to the police that she had learnt that her husband Anjan Das had sold her jewellery and sent money to his first wife living in Bihar with their eight children.

Poonam then hatched a murder plot with Deepak, her son from her first husband, who had died of cancer.


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They made Das drink sedative-laced liquor and slit his throat on May 30. They then left the body in the flat to let the blood drain out. After that, they chopped the body into pieces and kept it in the refrigerator while disposing of parts over the next few days in Pandav Nagar and other parts of east Delhi.

“Later, they got the house painted to mask the foul smell,” a police officer said.

The police came to know of the incident when they were patrolling near Ramlila grounds in Kalyanpuri in Pandav Nagar. A foul smell emanated from the bushes and on searching they found bags with severed body parts.

Initially, the case progressed slowly as the body parts had decomposed and it was difficult to identify the victim.

Later the police obtained CCTV camera footage of the area and found the woman and the boy disposing of the bags amid the bushes at night. They also inquired in the area and found that Anjan Das had been missing for days but Poonam and her son had not filed a complaint.

They soon moved in and arrested Poonam and her son, who confessed to the crime.

The case also created a slight confusion as the police thought the body parts may belong to Shraddha Walkar whose living partner Aftab Poonawalla had cut her into pieces and disposed of her body.