It’s not EVM, it’s MVM — ‘Modi Voting Machine’: Rahul Gandhi at Bihar rally

This time the youth are angry in Bihar. So, be it EVM or MVM, the Grand Alliance is going to win, he said at a poll rally in Araria

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Rahul Gandhi said, 'I won’t budge an inch until I defeat Narendra Modi'. File photo: PTI

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday (November 4) described electronic voting machine (EVM) as “Modi Voting Machine” (MVM) during an election rally in Bihar.

“EVM? It is not EVM. It is MVM, which means Modi voting machine. ‘E’ is written on it just like that. It is the MVM – Modi voting machine. But this time the youth are angry in Bihar. So, be it EVM or MVM, the Grand Alliance is going to win,” he said in Araria.

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The MP from Wayanad in Kerala said he “won’t budge an inch” until he defeats Prime Minister Narendra Modi. “Narendra Modi says unpleasant things about me in his meetings. However much hatred they try to spread, I always try to spread love. Hatred cannot defeat hatred, only love can. I won’t budge an inch until I defeat Narendra Modi.”


He also questioned PM Modi over the handling of the coronavirus pandemic in the country and the imposition of the lockdown. “Modiji used to say that the battle against corona would be won in 22 days…. But nowadays he is silent… and coronavirus is spreading across the country… he doesn’t utter a word now.”

Rahul also hit out at Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar for not providing jobs to youngsters and alleged that the JD(U) leader “threatens” them.

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“Wherever Nitishji is addressing meetings, youngsters ask him where are the jobs. And Nitishji threatens them, gets them beaten up and tells them I don’t need your votes… When a youngster stands up and asks him where is my job and when will you give me job…and when Nitishji tells him that I don’t need your votes…he is not replying to that individual. He is telling every youth of Bihar… that he doesn’t need your votes… It’s alright, he will not get votes. The youth of Bihar will not vote for him,” Rahul said.