Ganguly hits back at Kohli fans on Twitter for ‘twisting’ his earlier tweet

Since Ganguly did not mention Kohli's name in the tweet, Kohli's fans assumed that he was referring to Shubman Gill's back-to-back centuries and ignoring Kohli's feat

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Kohli's fans misunderstood Ganguly's tweet and accused him of ignoring Kohli's equally-inspiring century earlier in the same match | File photo PTI

Sourav Ganguly hit back at Virat Kohli’s fans on Twitter on Tuesday (May 23) for apparently “twisting” his earlier tweet about Shubman Gill’s century knock during the Gujarat Titans match against the Royal Challengers Bangalore on Sunday (May 21) that decisively prevented RCB from entering the playoffs of the IPL 2023.

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Ganguly tweeted, “Just a quick reminder…hope those of you twisting this tweet, understand English…if don’t please get someone responsible to explain.”

In his earlier tweet after Sunday’s match, Ganguly gushed about Shubman Gill’s scintillating knock, “What talent this country produces…shubman gill…wow…two stunning knocks in two halves…IPL…what standards in the tournament.”

Kohli’s fans took umbrage at this tweet, accusing Ganguly of ignoring Kohli’s equally-inspiring century earlier in the same match, when RCB batted first.

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Ganguly, in his second tweet, is referring to the fact that he appreciated Kohli’s century also in his first tweet, when he wrote, “two stunning knocks in two halves”. Where he went wrong was not mentioning Kohli’s name in the tweet, which led Kohli’s fans to assume that he was referring to Shubman Gill’s back-to-back centuries and ignoring Kohli’s feat.

It’s finally a case of “much ado about nothing”, but fanatical fans and social media can lead to a lot of misunderstanding.