World Statistics Day 2022
The theme for World Statistics Day 2022 is ‘Data for Sustainable Development’ | Pic:

World Statistics Day: Theme for 2022, history, and significance

October 20 is celebrated as World Statistics Day to highlight the importance of data and statistics in our daily lives. The day stresses on the need for reliable and timely statistical data for infrastructural progress.

The day also brings our attention to the work done by statisticians, who provide us with reliable data and numbers for future reference.

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World Statistics Day 2022: Theme

The theme for World Statistics Day 2022 is “Data for Sustainable Development.”

World Statistics Day: History

The United Nations Statistical Commission put forward the proposal to observe the World Statistics Day at the 41st session of the United Nations General Assembly in February 2010.

According to the commission, the production of reliable, timely statistics and indicators of countries’ progress is significant for informed policy decisions and monitoring the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals.

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The first World Statistics Day was observed on October 20, 2010, in over 130 countries under the general theme “Celebrating the many achievements of official statistics.”

World Statistics Day: Significance

World Statistics Day celebrates the contribution of statistics in academic research and in the development of civil society and business.

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The day highlights the indispensable nature of statistics in our lives and how reliable statistical information helps one make informed decisions.

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