Trump to be gifted silver ‘Key to Agra’ during Taj Mahal visit

City mayor Naveen K Jain says the silver key weighs 600 grams and is of the shape of Taj Mahal

Donald Trump
To President Trump it is business as usual on the outside even as he is feverishly trying to find diversion mechanisms to wriggle out of a mess that is his own creation.

In a symbolic gesture, authorities in Agra will be welcoming US President Donald Trump by handing over a silver “key of the city”, said city mayor Naveen K Jain on Saturday (February 20).

Speaking to news agency ANI, Jain said it is a tradition and an old concept of handing over keys to foreign guests when they visit Agra. “While welcoming them at the airport, we hand over the keys of Agra to the guest,” he said.

“It means they should open the door of Agra and enter the city. The key is 600 grams in weight. It was made in Delhi and is of the shape of Taj Mahal,” ANI quoted him as saying.


Ahead of the US presidential visit, Jain said the entire city administration is busy in preparations for welcoming Trump. “Thousands of people will welcome him with Indian and American flags in their hands,” added Jain.

Trump will be arriving in India for a two-day visit on February 24. He will be accompanied by his wife and US First Lady Melania, daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner, besides the US delegation.

(With inputs from agencies)

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