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‘Pradhan Mantri Chinese Projects’: Rahul alleges Adani has Chinese links

In an apparent potshot at the Narendra Modi government, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Thursday (April 6) demanded to know why critical infrastructure in India owned by Adani Group are currently being controlled by a Chinese company.

Quoting a report by Adaniwatch.org, the Congress leader in a tart tweet asked if the expanded form of PMC Projects, the name of the Chinese company, was “Pradhan Mantri Chinese Projects.”

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“PM Projects – ‘Pradhan Mantri Chinese’ Projects?” Why are India’s critical ports, airstrips, railway tracks and electricity lines being built & controlled by a Chinese company?” Rahul tweeted.

The exclusive report by Adani Watch said that PMC Projects, a company owned by a Chinese national has claimed that it is handling key infrastructure in India including ports, container terminals, airstrips, electricity transmission lines and railway tracks among other operations owned by Adani Enterprises, the flagship company of business magnate Gautam Adani’s group.

The report said PMC Projects is owned by Chang Chien-Ting aka Morris Chang, the son of Chang Chung-Ling, who has been the director of several Adani companies and is the business associate of Gautam Adani’s elder brother Vinod Adani, who has been named in the Panama Papers and the recent Hindenburg Research report.

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“The involvement of a Chinese-owned company in the establishment of critical infrastructure in India raises questions about national security. Despite being questioned about this, the ‘nationalist’ government of Narendra Modi has responded with a deafening silence,” the report said.

The Opposition has been harping on a Joint Parliamentary Probe to investigate a Hindenburg Research report which claimed that Adani Group resorted to stock manipulation and accounting fraud scheme.

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