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Oppn's dynastic leadership at loggerheads with constitutional values: Nadda

BJP president JP Nadda on Friday took a swipe at Opposition parties boycotting the new Parliament building’s inauguration, saying what connects them is their dynastic leadership whose “monarchic” methods are at loggerheads with the principles of the Constitution.

The parties boycotting the inauguration lack any commitment to democracy because their sole aim is to perpetuate a select group of dynasties, he tweeted. Such an approach is an insult to the makers of the Constitution, he added. These parties must introspect, he said.

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These dynastic parties, particularly the Congress and the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty, are unable to digest a simple fact that people of India have placed their faith in a man hailing from a humble background, Nadda said. Elitist mindset of dynasts are preventing them from logical thinking, he said.

“What connects most parties which are boycotting the inauguration of the new Parliament building? The answer is simple – they are dynasty run political parties, whose monarchic methods are at loggerheads with the principles of republicanism and democracy in our Constitution,” he said.

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The BJP president claimed that these parties will be punished yet again by people for their partisan politics as voters are seeing how these parties are putting politics above the nation.

As many as 20 Opposition parties including the Congress have announced their boycott of the inauguration of the new Parliament building by Modi. On the other hand, 25 parties have said they will participate in the inauguration and these include seven non-NDA parties. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the new Parliament building on Sunday.

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