New Delhi, Washington working on dates for Trump’s India visit

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Trump said that his administration will soon finalise new and important guidelines to give governors the information they need to start safely opening their states. Photo: PTI

At a time when the Indian government is on the back foot over the protests against the Citizenship law, National Register of Citizens (NRC) and National Population Register (NPR), India and the US are working on possible dates for the visit of US president Donald Trump’s visit to India, NDTV has reported.

The dates, according to the report, will depend on the timing of the impeachment vote in the US Senate.

The proposed visit comes in the backdrop of several US lawmakers expressing concern over the situation in Kashmir.

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In 2018, when India invited Trump for the Republic Day celebrations, he couldn’t make it as the date for the president’s address to the state of the Union took place at the same time.

It is to be noted that Prime Minister Modi had a telephonic conversation with Trump on January 7 during which he may have extended the invitation, say reports.

Trump too has been desirous of visiting India. When he was asked, about Modi’s invite last November he said, “He wants me to go there. I will be going at some point to India.”

New Delhi will be looking forward to working out a trade-deal during Trump’s visit, which has been hanging fire due to strains in relations.