My father taught us Gita, how can he be a terrorist then?: Kejriwal’s daughter

Delhi chief minister’s daughter, wife defend him over "terrorist" remark by BJP leaders

Kejriwal, Delhi Assembly polls
Kejriwal's daughter Harshita said despite allegations of the Opposition the people of Delhi will vote for Kejriwal on the basis of his work. Photo: Twitter/ANI

The daughter and wife of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal have attacked the BJP for calling him a “terrorist” during their election campaign speeches.

Speaking to ANI on Wednesday (February 5), Kejriwal’s daughter Harshita asked how can a person who believes in the tenets of Bhagvad Gita, introduced populist schemes and dedicated his life to social services be a terrorist.

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“My father has always been in social services. I still remember he used to wake us – my brother, mother, grandparents and I – up at 6 am, make us read Bhagwat Gita and sing, ‘Insaan se insaan ka ho bhaichara’ song and teach us about it. Is this terrorism? Let them level allegations, let them bring 200 MPs and 11 chief ministers. Not only us, but two crore common people are also campaigning. They will show them on February 11 if they cast votes on the basis of allegations or the work done,” ANI quoted Harshita, 22, as saying.


“They say politics is dirty but it’s a new low. Is it terrorism if health facilities are made free and brought to people? Is it terrorism if children are made educated? Is it terrorism if electricity and water supply are improved?” she added.

Kejriwal’s wife Sunita said people who are dubbing him a terrorist should be mature enough not to make such statements.

“People are watching how allegations are being put on us. But they assure us that their vote will go only to jhaadu (broom). It is very disheartening to see that allegations are being put on a person who is working so hard,” she said.

With the Delhi Assembly polls slated for February 8, political parties have gone ballistic against one another in an attempt to sway the voters in their favour.

The BJP who has been playing up Shaheen Bagh anti-CAA protests as a pressing issue in its poll rallies, has accused the Delhi chief minister of being sympathetic towards terrorists.

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The party’s MP Parvesh Verma recently kicked up a storm when he called Kejriwal a “terrorist” while talking about the Shaheen Bagh protests during a campaign rally in January.

Although the Election Commission imposed a 96-hour ban on Verma, Union minister Prakash Javadekar on Monday justified his remarks by stating that Kejriwal himself has called him an anarchist and there was no difference between an anarchist and a terrorist.

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