Miracles do happen: Woman gets back her bag that she had lost three years ago

The bag full of gadgets, lost at Islamabad airport, ended up in the small city of Jhelum in Pakistan with an honest shopkeeper, who traced the owner and returned the bag

The shop owner went through the lost bag and found the phone number of one of the owner's roommates in a screenshot | iStock

Humanity is still left in the world if one goes by the experience of a woman in Pakistan. She was reunited with her bag that she had lost three years ago. It wasn’t just pure luck but because of a kind shopkeeper who helped in the return of the bag to its rightful owner.

The woman, who goes by the name Khadija M on Twitter, narrated the tale of reuniting with her bag in a Twitter thread. She shared that she lost her laptop bag at the Islamabad airport in 2018 that had her iPad, hard disk and Kindle. “The hard disk had all my phone’s backup. I was devastated but I got over it,” Khadija wrote, said a News18 report.

Khadija moved on and bought new gadgets. But she was stumped when she received a call three years later in 2021. The call was from a shopkeeper from the city of Jhelum, who claimed that he has Khadija’s bag. “First I couldn’t figure what he was referring to, then I remembered,” she wrote.

Tracing the owner


The shop owner sent her pictures of the bag showing all her belongings inside it. The shop owner told Khadija that someone tried to sell the bag to him but he was skeptical. The shop owner chose to keep the bag with him and tried to trace it back to her. He went through the hard disk and found the phone number of one of Khadija’s roommates in a screenshot. He then managed to get Khadija’s contact from the roommate and called her to inform about the bag.

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Khadija’s brother then left for Jhelum to fetch the bag from the shop owner and thanked him for such a rare and kind act. Khadija shared that he hailed from a small village and ran a tiny shop earning barely enough to make ends meet. “But he did everything within his power to return a lost item to its rightful owner,” she highlighted.

Khadija tweeted that she was in awe of the honesty of the shop owner and the incident left her quite surprised. “Wholesome things happen at all the unexpected places,” she wrote.