Man aboard London-Mumbai Air India flight smokes in loo, tries to open door; booked   

Man aboard London-Mumbai Air India flight smokes in loo, tries to open door; booked  

In yet another case of passenger misconduct mid-air, a 37-year-old man was booked after he was reported to be smoking in the bathroom and misbehaving with co-passengers aboard an Air India London-Mumbai flight on (Saturday) March 11.

A case was filed against Ramakant, a US citizen, with Sahar Police, based on a complaint by the flight’s crew.

The incident occurred while the flight was on its way to Mumbai.

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“As per flight crew, accused tried to open the door of the flight. He also said that he was carrying some medicine in his bag, but no such object found in his bag. Accused’s samples sent for examination to confirm if he was in an inebriated condition or was mentally disturbed,” ANI quoted Mumbai police as saying.

“Smoking is not allowed on the flight but as he went to the bathroom the alarm started to ring and when we all ran towards the bathroom, we saw he had a cigarette in his hand. We immediately threw the cigarette from his hand. Then Ramakant started shouting at all our crew members. Somehow we took him to his seat. But after some time he tried to open the door of the aircraft. All the passengers got scared because of his behaviour. He was not ready to listen to us and kept shouting. Then we tied his hands and legs and made him sit on the seat,” ANI said, quoting a crew member’s statement to police.

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Mumbai Police have booked Ramakant under Section 336 (whoever does any act so rashly or negligently as to endanger human life or the personal safety of others) of IP and sections 22 (refuse to follow lawful instruction given by the pilot-in-command), 23 (assault and other acts endangering safety or jeopardising good order and discipline) and 25 (for smoking) of the Aircraft Act, 1937.

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