Malware alert: Here’s why you shouldn’t open the ‘Amul Gift’ link
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Malware alert: Here’s why you shouldn’t open the ‘Amul Gift’ link

As Amul, India’s go-to dairy brand celebrates its 75th anniversary year, scamsters are milking the opportunity to steal personal data of unwary internet users through a ‘free gift’ link.

The link ( titled Amul 75th Anniversary Celebration Free Gift Link, has been forwarded innumerable times on WhatsApp and promises free gifts to random users in exchange of clicking on the right box containing the gift.

“Through the questionnaire, you have a chance to get a Free Gift, All you have to do – is guess which box is containing the gift! You can try up to 3 times,” reads the message that pops up after clicking the link.

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The page has a timer which rushes the visitor to click the right box. After completing the survey, users are asked to open the boxes to claim their free gifts. If the user “wins”, he or she is asked to share the link with five other WhatsApp groups or 20 friends, to be able to claim the gift.

Even though many internet users are aware of the questionable nature of such clickbait links, the usage of a brand name has left many confused over its genuineness.

Cyber experts strictly advise against clicking on such links. Experts told Cyberplanet that the ‘Amul free gift’ link contains a virus and could be used by fraudsters to get access to the user’s personal data and eventually his or her bank details.

The link ( is also not from the original site of Amul, Cyberplanet confirmed.

Experts said that hackers can use the link to install a malware on the user’s phone or computer and those who have already clicked on it may have already risked their personal and banking data.

For anyone who gets the link as a forward from an unknown number, experts advise to report it as a scam to WhatsApp and block it immediately.

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