Indo-China tiff: Chinese set up 5G at Ladakh border, new tents at Pangong lake

Constant Chinese deployment of troops along LAC means India too will enhance its presence, thus escalating tensions between the two neighbours

The Army Commanders of two sides are meeting on Friday (April 9) for the first time since February.

The India-China standoff continues as the Chinese build up infrastructure close to friction points in Ladakh and start setting up of 5G network near Demchok.

Establishing 5G networks along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) will give the Chinese better communication. Intelligence reports indicate that preparations for laying 5G network have been noticed near Demchok since the first week of August.

New huts and sheds have come up at the Pangong lake where Chinese troops continue to hold positions. Meanwhile, troop deployment continues on both sides of LAC. Mobilisation of Chinese troops in Ladakh has prompted the Indian Army to increase its deployment by three times. Army sources say that additional troops will keep moving in even at peak of winter.

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After initial disengagement, situation has not changed much as Chinese troops still have a significant presence on the ridgeline of Pangong Lake.

China’s condition that it will pull back only if India reciprocates has made the situation more complex. “China has been demanding that India will also have to move back further in Pangong Lake if it wants China to pull back. This has made the situation trickier as a further retreat by India would mean leaving an area that is under our control. This would change the status quo,” said an official.

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India has maintained that status quo ante as of April end must be restored but China’s reservations have led to a deadlock.

Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) Gen Bipin Rawat had recently said that if talks fail, India will think of military options.

The India-China standoff is nearing four months after tensions broke out in early May.

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