Comedian Kenny Sebastian elated over name in English exam paper

The comedian says he would like to announce his tours the same way, through English question papers

Kenny Sebastian, 31-years-old, is an Indian stand-up comedian, musician and filmmaker | Courtesy: Instagram/Kenny Sebastian

Imagine having your name mentioned in a school examination paper. Wouldn’t you be elated? Well, stand-up comedian, Kenny Sebastian, was over the moon when he saw his name on an English term paper. He was quick to let his fans know about the same through a post on his Instagram account on Wednesday (June 15).

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The post, which has garnered more than 67K likes so far, goes as follows: “Someone DM’d me that I am on their English term paper. This feels more like an achievement than any award honestly. Shoutout to the person who formulated the question (exam paper person?). I like how professional I am in the question. I just postponed the show, I didn’t cancel it.”

Kenny’s post on his Instagram page | Courtesy: Instagram/Kenny Sebastian

The 5-mark question in the Creative Writing Skills section (Section B) of the paper read as follows: “Mr. Kenny Sebastian, the popular stand-up comedian was to perform in your school. Due to some reasons, the programme is postponed. Write a notice in about 50 words informing the students about the new date on which he is coming. You are Ali/ Alisia, Secretary Arts Club, The Sunrise Public School, Delhi.”

The exam question paper with Kenny’s name on it | Courtesy: Instagram/Kenny Sebastian

Kenny further wrote in his caption that he wants to announce his tours the same way, on English question papers. “Kenny Sebastian is performing in your city. Write a letter to your family inviting them to go for it together-5 marks,” he wrote while also stating that English was his favorite subject (and teacher) in school. The comedian ended the caption with a smiley emoji.

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The post now has more than 400 comments on it by Kenny’s friends and followers.

One Instagram user wrote: “THIS IS OUR PAPER.” Another said: “You’ve officially made it!”

A third user wrote: “Woww validation from cbse.”

The comments on Kenny’s Instagram post | Courtesy: Instagram/Kenny Sebastian
The comments on Kenny’s Instagram post | Courtesy: Instagram/Kenny Sebastian