Boy who wants to live like woman put under transgenders care
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Boy who wants to live like woman put under transgender's care

The Child Welfare Committee (CWC) on Friday (June 27) ordered entrusting the custody of a 17-year-old boy, who desired to live like a woman, with a transgender social worker.

The social worker was chosen by the CWC to give the boy care and protection for a month and to produce him before the committee for review after 30 days.

The CWC issued the interim order as per section 52 of the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2015.

The order was given by the CWC after interacting with the boy for four hours and based on the findings of a veteran psycho-social counsellor Mary Neethu.

The CWC found the transgender social activist Riya Isha as a fit person to give care and protection to the boy.

CWC chairman P Shajesh Bhasker told PTI that the boy had complained of harassment and pressure from home after he shared his desire openly with them.

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“The boy’s aged parents and only sister opposed the move and has been hoping to transform the boy against his will and pleasure of living like a woman,” he said.

According to the chairman, it was the first case of a juvenile approaching the committee with a desire to live like a woman.

“In fact, there could be several more juveniles who have the desire to live like the opposite sex but were suppressed by the families. No counselling in schools or educational institutions ever comes out with such issues, which is on an increase in society,” he said.

“It was his protection which came before us. We were in a catch-22 situation as the boy could not be sent to either a juvenile home or a mens rescue home as he wanted to live like a lady. Hence, based on section of JJ Act, we found the fit person in the transgender social activist, who has a house and earns a living,” he said.

Accordingly, Isha had taken custody of the boy after executing a bond before the committee, Bhasker said.

The boy’s sister made a complaint before the police after he left home a few days ago.

The boy stayed in a relatives house in nearby Calicut for a few days before he came back and lived with another transgender in Perintalmanna.

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It was under the direction of the Perinthalmanna circle inspector that he was brought before the Child Welfare Committee.

The order would be made absolute after a review after 30 days.

Efforts are also made to find a sponsor to the boy, Bhasker said.

The order has also allowed the family to meet the boy in a week, at a comfortable time of his.

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