BJP not an election-winning machine but campaigns to win hearts: Modi
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BJP not an election-winning machine but campaigns to win hearts: Modi

Even as Assembly elections are currently underway in four states and one UT, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi turned his ire on regional parties on Tuesday criticising them for turning into “family-owned” parties which talk about regional aspirations but their mask of “fake secularism” has been ripped off.

Addressing party workers on the occasion of the BJP’s 41st foundation day, via video-conferencing, he said that on the other hand, BJP means freedom from dynastic politics. BJP party workers have toiled hard and made many sacrifices, he pointed out.

“In Kerala and in West Bengal our workers are threatened, attacked and their families are also not spared… but they are steadfast in their resolve to live and die for the country, this is the uniqueness of the BJP workers,” said PM Modi, Hindustan Times reported.

On the other hand, he lambasted the regional satraps of different states whose parties have become “dynastic parties”. These parties talked about regional aspirations but have eventually become family fiefdoms. “These parties wore a fake mask of secularism which is now being taken off,” he said.

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Mocking opponents, who label BJP as an election-winning machine, he said that whenever BJP wins elections it is viewed with a jaundiced eye, while leaders of other parties are feted when they win. Pointing out that people who call the BJP an “election-winning machine” fail to understand “the maturity of the Indian democracy and the intelligence of the voters”, he said. They are just not in sync with Indian voters and their dreams and aspirations, he added.

And, PM Modi went on to state that the BJP is not an election-winning machine, but it continues on its relentless campaign to win hearts.

The PM also cautioned the BJP cadre not to fall for false “narratives” that are meant to spread fear and create political instability in the country. It is usually the handiwork of people who cannot accept their defeat and hope to get political benefit from these narratives.

Calling it “very grave challenge”, he asked the workers to notice how this system of creating narratives starts. Be it the CAA, the farm laws or the labour laws, every worker should understand that politics is behind this “big conspiracy”.

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“This means there is an attempt to create political instability in the country, therefore all rumours are being spread, fears are being stoked and lies are being told,” he said. The PM said that imaginary fears were being circulated about how the Constitution will be changed or that reservation will be withdrawn. Or sometimes there is a narrative that citizenship will be withdrawn and sometimes that farmers’ lands will be taken. But, there were lies that some people and organisations spread with speed, pointed out Modi.

Therefore, he urged the BJP workers to be alert and gather the complete information before going back to the people to create awareness on the subject.

The BJP is also favoured by the people of the country because the party serves the people faithfully whether they are in the government or not and ensures the “last-mile delivery” of policies that are targeted at marginalised sections. Previous governments had not provided these people-centric programmes, he said. Moreover, the voter’s yardstick had changed now and governments were being judged on the basis of policies (neeti), intent (neeyat) and last-mile delivery, he said.

According to Modi, the BJP is connected with the people. “We do not take pride that our party won; we take pride that the people of this country made us win,” he said.

On the issue of being accused of not protecting the rights of the minorities and indulging in communal polarisation, the PM said that the meaning of secularism has been changed to frame policies to suit the vote bank that favour only a few.

However, the party that takes everyone along with them through their policies and programmes and speaks about the rights of all are called communal, he said. But Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas and Sabka Vishwas has begun to change these definitions, PM Modi reiterated.

Modi went on to add that BJP however always maintained the stand of “country above all” and has never compromised on its values and on issues of national security. Urging party members to remain humble though the BJP is growing in “number and political heft”.

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