‘MAGA’ March: Trump supporters clash with counter-protesters; 20 held

For most part of the day, the 'Million MAGA March' was peaceful, but clashes erupted late in the night.

Protesters at “Million MAGA March”. Photo: Twitter/MZHemingway

One person was stabbed and 20 were arrested as violence erupted on the streets of downtown Washington after thousands of supporters of US President Donald Trump, protesting against the outcome of the November 3 election, clashed with counter-protesters on Saturday (November 14).

“Police made 20 arrests, including four on gun charges, as counter-protesters and Trump supporters clashed in the streets throughout the evening. One person was stabbed, but his condition was unknown late Saturday,” New York Times reported.

For most part of the day, the “Million MAGA March” was peaceful, but clashes erupted late in the night. The clashes lasted for several minutes as the two groups wielded batons and pushed and shoved each other until cops intervened, the reports said.

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Thronging to Washington DC from various parts of the US, participants of the ‘Make America Great Again (MAGA)’ Rally asserted that Trump won the elections and that they were in the city to express their support to their leader.

Trump, who has not yet conceded the election to the projected winner Biden, has repeatedly asserted, without evidence, that fraud and other irregularities deprived him of millions of votes in key battleground states.

According to Fox News, anti-Trump demonstrators allegedly hurled eggs at Trump supporters — or stole signs, hats and banners, and lit them on fire.

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In the evening, at the P J Clarke’s restaurant near the White House, counterprotesters threw bottles and fireworks at a group of Trump supporters, a USA Today reporter said, according to New York Times.

Trump on Saturday briefly drove by the protestors through Pennsylvania Avenue on his way to his golf course in a Virginia suburb and he waved at his supporters.

On Twitter, Trump attacked media outlets including Fox News for not showing “massive gatherings”. “.@FoxNews and the Fake News Networks aren’t showing these massive gatherings. Instead they have their reporters standing in almost empty streets. We now have SUPPRESSION BY THE PRESS. MAGA! (sic),” he tweeted.

In another tweet, he wrote, “The Fake News Media hardly even discussed the tens of thousands of people that came to D.C. Formed organically, and in many parts of the Country! (sic).”

The White House press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, claimed more than one million marched for Trump. “AMAZING! More than one MILLION marchers for President @realDonaldTrump descend on the swamp in support. Best base in political history — we LOVE you guys!!! (sic),” she wrote. According to New York Times, this was “exaggerated assessment of the event”.

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