Oxfam report, rich and poor in India
The report said that if India’s billionaires are taxed once at 2 per cent on their entire wealth, it would support the requirement of Rs 40,423 crore for the nutrition of malnourished in the country for the next three years | Representative photo: iStock

Indian-American doctors, gurdwara launch food drive for COVID-19 patients

Indian-American doctors from in and around the national capital along with an eminent gurdwara have launched a food drive for the people impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

The Greater Washington Association of Physicians of Indian Origin and leading Maryland gurdwara – Guru Nanak Foundation of America – held their first food drive over the weekend serving more than 350 families affected by COVID-19 pandemic. The Maryland and Virginia suburbs of Washington DC continue to show significant impact of coronavirus.

During these difficult COVID-19 times when millions of Americans have lost their jobs, several Indian-American entities demonstrated unprecedented unity in coming together and raising funds for several food drives in schools, community colleges, temples and gurdwaras, a media release said on Wednesday.

The association and the gurdwara were supported by several other Indian-American organisations including India Development and Relief Fund, United Hindu, Jain temples, Hindu American Community Services and American Diversity Group.

The association has taken a lead role in helping with prescriptions for hundreds of patients who were not able to return to India due to COVID-19 and have run out of medicines. This effort was launched by Sewa International, a leading charitable organisation in US working on many aspects of the pandemic such as food kitchens, housing Indian students and convalescent plasma therapy for patients affected by COVID-19.

Recently, the association was informed by Montgomery College that several hundred of their students were facing difficulties in attending online classes due to lack of access to laptops, the statement said, adding that the doctors have decided to donate more than 50 laptops to the needy students.

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