If he could, Schwarzenegger will run for US president in 2024

If he could, Schwarzenegger will run for US president in 2024

If the US constitution permits, Hollywood veteran Arnold Schwarzenegger is willing to run for the US president in 2024 and is confident of winning the race.

Speaking on Max and CNNs “Who’s Talking?” interview series, Schwarzenegger was asked if he would throw his name into the contest next year if he were eligible.

“Well, yes, of course. I mean, I think the field was wide open in 2016. And I think the field is open right now. I mean, think about it. Who is there? There really isn’t a person who can bring everyone together,” he said.

“Who is here today that people say, Okay, he’s not too old or he’s not too this or too that, or is that because it’s now a question about who you vote against rather than who you vote for?” the 75-year-old asked.

The action movie star, who served two terms as governor of California from 2003 to 2011, was born in Austria.

He is ineligible for the US president post because the Constitution requires the nation’s top leader to be a natural-born citizen.

Asked whether he would run for the presidency in 2024, the actor replied: “Absolutely. Put me in because it’s a no-brainer. I see so clearly how I could win that election.”

Confident Schwarzenegger

Schwarzenegger said he could see many people voting him into office.

“It’s like me and California. When (I) was running for governor, it was clear that people were looking for a new answer, not a right-wing or left-wing politician, but someone who could bring the nation together and doesn’t see the other party as the enemy,” he added.

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