World Siblings Day: Meet the lesser-known brothers/sisters of Indian celebrities

Here are some lesser-known siblings of Indian actors, politicians and sportspersons, who have stayed away from the limelight

Shah Rukh Khan-Shehnaz Lala Rukh
Shah Rukh Khan and his sister Shahnaz Lala Rukh.

Indian entertainment industry and sports arena have seen many famous brother-sister duos such as Ekta and Tushar Kapoor, Zoya and Farhan Akhtar, Sanjay and Priya Dutt, and Esha Deol and her brothers Sunny and Abhay. The political realm has also seen the famous pair of siblings, Priyanka and Rahul Gandhi.

In the cricketing world, the Pandya brothers — Hardik and Krunal — have become household names due to their excellent performances on the field. The Phogat sisters — Geeta, Babita, Ritu, and Sangeeta — have gained recognition for their achievements in wrestling. The Pathan brothers — Irfan and Yusuf — have been successful cricketers from the city of Vadodara. The Singh sisters — Divya, Prashanti, Akansha, Pratima, and Priyanka — have made a name for themselves in the basketball court.

Here are some lesser-known siblings of Indian actors, politicians and sportspersons:

Sathyanarayana Rao Gaekwad, brother of Rajnikanth: Superstar Rajnikanth is known for his larger-than-life roles and charismatic personality. Born as Shivaji Rao Gaekwad, he has acted in over 160 films in various languages, including Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, and Kannada. He has a huge fan following and is known for his unique style and dialogue delivery. His elder brother, Sathyanarayana Rao Gaekwad, turned 80 on February 20 this year. On Twitter, Rajinikanth shared a couple of pictures from the celebration in which he sought blessings from Sathyanarayana Rao, followed by glimpses of his wife Latha and all the family members and friends posing for a happy picture.

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Shahnaz Lala Rukh, sister of Shah Rukh Khan: Shehnaz is five years elder to Shahrukh and still unmarried. Unlike her superstar brother, Shahnaz has always preferred to stay away from the limelight and media attention. She lives with SRK at Mannat. When Aryan returned home from jail recently, Shahnaz was also seen outside SRK’s house. Shahnaz is believed to have gone through a long period of depression, which was also mentioned by Shahrukh Khan in one of his old interviews.

Although Shahnaz is not a public figure, she shares a close bond with her brother. In several interviews, Shah Rukh has mentioned how his sister has always been a significant influence on his life. In his autobiography, Twenty Years in a Decade, Shah Rukh has also talked about how Shahnaz encouraged him to pursue his passion for acting and supported him through his struggles. Despite being a private person, Shahnaz has accompanied her brother to several events and award shows over the years. She has also been a regular visitor to Mumbai and has often been seen spending time with her brother and his family.

Roop Singh, brother of Dhayan Chand: Dhyan Chand, also known as the “Wizard of Hockey,” is a name that is known to every sports enthusiast across the world. However, very few are aware of his equally talented younger brother, Roop Singh. While Dhyan Chand’s impressive achievements in hockey, including winning three Olympic gold medals (in 1928, 1932, and 1936) are widely recognized, Roop Singh’s contributions to the sport are often overlooked.

What many don’t know is that Roop Singh was also part of the Indian hockey team that won gold medals in the 1932 and 1936 Olympics, along with his elder brother. However, it was his remarkable performance in the 1932 match against the USA that truly stood out. While Dhyan Chand scored eight goals in the match, Roop Singh stole the show by scoring ten times. It was an outstanding feat that has gone down in history as one of the greatest displays of hockey skills by any player.

Anisha Padukone, sister of Deepika Padukone: Anisha Padukone, a professional golfer, is five years younger to her famous sister, Deepika. She started playing golf at the age of 12 and has won several tournaments in India and abroad, representing the country at various international events. The second daughter of Indian Badminton player Prakash Padukone, who ranked World No.1 in 1980 and also gained the title as the first Indian player to win the All England Open Badminton Championships, she has been close to Deepika since childhood.

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Unlike her sister Deepika, Anisha has mostly kept a low profile and has remained away from the limelight. She has pursued her passion for golf and has worked hard to establish a career in the sport. Known to be a very private person, she has rarely spoken about her famous sister to the media. With a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Management, Anisha, the sibling of one of the most famous actresses in India, has managed to make a name for herself in the world of sports.

Prahlad Modi, brother of Prime Minister Narendra Modi: Prahlad Modi is a younger sibling to PM Narendra Modi. The fourth offspring to Damodardas Modi and Hira Ben Modi, he served as the vice president of the All India Fair Price Shop Dealers Federation, established in 2001. Prahlad Modi has protested against various policies implemented by the Central Government, led by his elder brother before he became the PM. He used to operate a ration shop in Ahmedabad, but had to retire owing to old age.

Prahlad Modi has often been questioned about his relationship with his famous brother. According to Prahlad, he only met his brother three times between 2006 and 2014. Since Narendra Modi took office as PM, Prahlad has not had the opportunity to meet with him even once. Despite not meeting or talking as frequently, Prahlad has claimed that they maintain a cordial relationship. Prahlad has said that being the Prime Minister’s younger brother has not provided him with any special privileges or benefits, except for the necessary security protocols.

Siddharth Chopra, brother of Priyanka Chopra: Priyanka, who is the elder sibling, has always been a protective sister to Siddharth, who is three years younger than her. They share a close bond that has been evident throughout their lives. Despite their busy schedules and living in different parts of the world, Priyanka and Siddharth have remained close. They are often seen spending time together during family vacations and special occasions. Priyanka has always been a supportive sister to Siddharth and has often shared pictures and videos of him and his achievements on social media.

In 2019, Siddharth tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend, Ishita Kumar, in a private ceremony in New Delhi. However, the couple called off their engagement soon after, and Priyanka was there to support her brother during the tough time. Priyanka is on her way to become a global icon, Siddharth has started his own restaurant business, which has earned him recognition in the food industry. Siddharth’s passion for food and entrepreneurship has led him to create unique and innovative dining experiences for his customers.