Stay healthy: What to eat and what to avoid on an empty stomach?
What you eat first in the morning is highly critical to our health and well-being

Stay healthy: What to eat and what to avoid on an empty stomach?

When we wake up, our body lacks blood sugar required to make our muscles and brain work with rigour. Our metabolism is generally slow, but at the same time, it is generally more malleable to absorb more nutrients. Nutritionists have often turned the spotlight on what we tuck into and put into our stomachs the first thing in the morning. It is highly critical to our health and well-being.

According to famous nutritionist, Rujeta Diwekar, the key to a healthy life is to start your day tucking into a handful of soaked almonds and raisins, followed by a glass of lukewarm water. Why almonds?

Treat your stomach with care, what to eat first thing in the morning

Almonds are a rich source of vegetarian protein. It also helps in digestion, as it releases enzyme lipase, which helps in digestion of fats. What’s more, it offers benefits like reduced PMS symptoms, lesser cravings, acidity, bloating and indigestion.

Black raisins, made with dried grapes and have a sugary and juicy taste. Apart from reducing hair loss, black raisins can also help in reducing blood impurities and reduce high blood pressure and prevent anemia. The dried fruit is naturally rich in iron and antioxidants.

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Lemon or ginger tea – instead of reaching out for that mandatory coffee or tea to kickstart your day, henceforth turn to drinking lukewarm water, lemon tea or ginger tea in the morning. It can help to get your metabolism going, say experts. There are other natural concoctions too that you can glug down and feel that you have done the right thing by your gut.

Wheatgrass juice on an empty stomach is highly recommended since it helps to lose weight. Or, you can boil cinnamon, black pepper, ginger and turmeric root and make an incredibly healthy gut and stomach tea. Add lemon juice and honey in the tea after cooling it a bit. This early morning tea can even boost your immunity and keep you away from cold and flu in winters.

Foods to avoid on an empty stomach

We don’t have to tell you about this one. Aerated, fizzy drinks are a no-no since they are made up of sugar, carbonated water, and extreme chemical additives. But, it is even worse to have them on an empty stomach as it can give you nausea and gas.

Feeling really grubby? Don’t give in to temptation and add a dollop of spicy aachar (pickle) in your breakfast or give in to cravings for oily paratha or a masala puri breakfast. This is just not advisable on an empty stomach at all. It can irritate the stomach lining and trigger acidity.

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Also, the cold coffee made so chic by advertisements is not what you want to say hello to your gut with first thing in the morning. Steer clear of cold beverages like cold coffee or iced tea. It can damage your mucous membrane and make your digestion sluggish.

There’s this popular myth that eating salads can surely help you lose weight. But, if you eat raw vegetables on an empty stomach, you can make your digestive system work harder. This can lead to abdominal pain and flatulence, not to forget that if the vegetables are not cleaned properly, you may end up with some gut infection as well.

Citrus fruits on an empty stomach can generate excess acid production. Fruits are also a rich source of fibre, which can put an extra load on your stomach when consumed on an empty stomach.

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