Lockdown has changed lifestyle! And internet searches prove that

With no outdoor activities amid lockdown, people have found new interests to spend time indoors

Home confinement
Trends show people are more inclined towards fitness and work-related activities | Representative Photo

Lockdown in several parts the world due to the coronavirus pandemic has changed the lifestyles of people. Since home confinement has restricted outdoor activities, people have now found out new survival techniques and new interests to spend time indoors.

This change was clearly visible from the new search interests of people across the globe over the last one month. Trends show people are more inclined towards fitness and work-related activities.

Dumbbells saw a huge 725 per cent rise in searches across web while Vitamin C gummies were second on the popularity list with 532 per cent or five times rise in searches on the internet.

Bread-maker and powdered milk were among the non-perishable food products that were searched extensively by netizens. Besides, several food-related blogs, videos, and sites too witnessed an unprecedented increase in internet traffic.


Apart from health and food-related searches, gadgets too saw a spike in internet searches during the lockdown period. This included products one might require while working from home, such as laptop mouse and desktop monitor.

‘Mouse for laptop’ was one of the most extensively searched term on internet and the product witnessed sale in areas where delivery was allowed. Searches for desktop monitor rose one and a half times after lockdown was announced in many of the countries.

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