Womens bodies precious, the more covered they are the better they will be: Salman Khan

Women's bodies precious, the more covered they are the better they will be: Salman Khan

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan said on a chat show that he believed women’s bodies are precious and the more covered they are the better they will be.

Talking on the chat show ‘Aap ki Adalat’, Salman added the issue is not to do with women but the problem is that men tend to look at women in a certain way.

His comments on how women should be “covered” were aired on Sunday (April 30) night and comes right after his ‘Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan’ co-star Palak Tiwari had said in an interview that the superstar had a rule on his set. She said, “Every girl on his set, the neckline should be here, all the girls should be covered, like good proper girls”. And, she added that she had learnt about this rule while working as an assistant director on the actor’s film ‘Antim’.

The ‘Aap Ki Adalat’ host Rajat Sharma grilled Salman about this no low neckline rule for women on the sets. And, Sharma also questioned him over his double standards considering that he is known for taking off his shirt in movies.

“When you make a decent film, everyone goes and watches it along with their family. Sir, there are no double standards here. I think women’s bodies are more precious. The more covered they are, the better they will be…,” responded Salman.

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Khan went on to add that it’s not about the women. “This is about men and the way they look at women… your wives, your sisters, your mothers, I don’t like that. I do not want them to go through this humiliation,” he pointed out.

Asked what message he was trying to send to young men, the 57-year-old actor said he ensures that his movies are clean. “Sometimes their (young men) intentions are wrong. So when we are making a film, we try to not give them any chance to look at our heroines, our women in that manner,” the actor said.

Palak called Salman a traditionalist in the interview. “Of course, he’s like, Jo pehenna hai pehno (wear whatever you want), but he’s also like my girls should always be protected. If there are men around who he doesn’t personally know, it’s not his personal space where he doesn’t trust everyone, he’s like, the girl should be safe, always,” she said.

A section of people on social media were appalled by Palak’s comments and criticised Salman, after which she issued a clarification.

“It’s really been misunderstood. All I wanted to say is that I have put certain guidelines for myself as to how to dress around people who are way senior to me, who have I pretty much grown up idolising. Salman sir is of course one of them,” she clarified in a statement.

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