Priyanka claims she was pushed into a corner in Bollywood

Priyanka claims she was "pushed into a corner" in Bollywood

Priyanka Chopra Jonas has disclosed the cause of her shift from Bollywood to working in the United States. She mentioned that she had a conflict with some individuals, which led to her feeling cornered.

In addition, she expressed dissatisfaction with the job opportunities presented to her by the Hindi film industry.

During an appearance on the Armchair Expert podcast with Dax Shephard, Priyanka remarked that she felt secure and at ease for the first time during their conversation.

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Priyanka also discussed her music career and revealed that Anjula Acharia of Desi Hits discovered her in a music video and contacted her while she was filming for ‘Saat Khoon Maaf’. Acharia inquired whether she would be interested in pursuing a music career in the United States.

Priyanka disclosed that she was feeling cornered in the Bollywood industry, with individuals refusing to cast her and conflicts arising. As someone who was not adept at playing political games, she became fatigued by the politics and decided she needed a hiatus.

Priyanka also mentioned that pursuing a music career provided her with the chance to explore a different part of the world and not yearn for the roles she did not desire but would require her to ingratiate herself with specific circles and groups of people.

It would necessitate grovelling, which she had been working for a long time and did not want to continue doing. Thus, when the opportunity to embark on a music career arose, she decided to seize it and exclaimed, “F**k it, I’m going to America.”

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Priyanka discussed her collaborations with various stars, including Pitbull, Will.I.Am, Pharrell Williams, and JayZ. Despite this, she realized that her true calling was her day job as an actress, after her music career did not take off as expected.

Subsequently, someone suggested that she audition for acting roles in the United States, which she did. Eventually, Priyanka secured the lead role in the TV series ‘Quantico’ in 2015.

Following this, Priyanka has appeared in high-budget Hollywood films such as ‘Baywatch’, ‘Matrix: Revolutions’, and ‘The White Tiger’. Additionally, she will feature in upcoming productions such as ‘Citadel’ and ‘Love Again’.

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