Netflix gets child-friendly, rolls out two new features for easier viewing
Netflix's recommendations will tailored around each child’s favourite shows and movies. Pic: Netflix

Netflix gets child-friendly, rolls out two new features for easier viewing

Netflix's Kids Recap Email informs parents of child’s preferences and offers suggestions; its Kids Top 10 feature gives country-specific recommendations

Nearly two academic years of online classes means kids are spending more and more time at home, and OTT channels are a key time pass.

To cater to the younger audience with age-appropriate content, Netflix offers a separate genre, Kids TV. To make the offering even more kids-friendly, and to ease parental concerns, the OTT firm has now introduced two new features for Kids TV.

Biweekly email

The first is a biweekly Kids Recap Email that is sent to parents to give a better understanding of their child’s preferences and “news ways to engage those interests”, according to Netflix. For instance, it will point to shows especially for children.

The recommendations will be based on the child’s favourite shows and movies, said the company. The mails will also contain printable colouring sheets and activities springing from the kid’s favourite characters.

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Additionally, Netflix will inform the parents of the top themes or topics charts displaying the types of programmes their child enjoys the most, such as science or fiction. It will also offer tips on how best the parents can use the kids features on Netflix.

Popular content

The second feature is Kids Top 10 rows that feature Netflix’s most popular children’s content in that specific country. This would be akin to the Top 10 rows for adults that’s already on the app.

According to an India Today report, the Kids Top 10 rows will feature the most popular country-specific children’s content, and will be updated every day.  This feature will be introduced globally to all members who have a kid’s profile on their account.

An Economic Times report said Netflix has also rolled out a ‘My Favourites’ row at the top of the home screen for kids. This features five of their most-watched titles with character pop-outs, to help them spot their favourite shows easily. For this to work, the kid should have watched a show or movie at least once, said the report.

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