K-pop star Moonbin dies at 25; autopsy to reveal cause of death

K-pop star Moonbin dies at 25; autopsy to reveal cause of death

Moonbin, the K-pop star, has passed away at the age of 25, according to an announcement from his record label, Fantagio.

Quoting police sources, the South Korean media said his manager found him unresponsive at his apartment in Seoul on Wednesday night (April 19).

“He appears to have taken his own life, but an autopsy is being reviewed to determine the exact cause of death,” said the police.

Moonbin’s short career

Before joining the popular K-pop boy band Astro in 2016, Moonbin was an actor and model. He had also been part of another group called Moonbin & Sanha. He had joined Fantagio’s trainee program as a kid, before joining Astro.

Moonbin’s sister, Moon Sua, is also a K-pop singer and part of a girl group called Billlie.

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K-pop, short for Korean popular music, is a form of popular music originating in South Korea. It had its origins around 1995 when a Korean entrepreneur Lee Soo Man founded SM Entertainment, which became South Korea’s largest talent agency and record label. It led to the forming of the first K-pop girl groups and boy bands.

His sister Moon Sua is also a K-pop singer, performing as part of the girl group Billlie.
Tribute from Moonbin’s record label Fantagio Music
A tribute from Moonbin’s record label, Fantagio Music, said that “Moonbin suddenly left us to become a star in the sky”. The statement from Fantagio said that the bereaved family, Astro members, fellow-Fantagio artists, company executives, and employees were mourning the deceased in great sadness and shock. It asked everyone to “refrain from speculative and malicious reports” so that his family could honour the deceased.
Moonbin is the latest K-pop star to lose their life in recent years. The others who died untimely deaths in recent years are the singer and actress Goo Hara in 2019, her close friend Sulli, Minwoo from the boy band 100% in 2018, and Jonghyun, part of SHINee, one of South Korea’s biggest boy bands, in 2017.

The South Korean government has been taking measures to reduce the number of suicides in a society that is plagued by over-competitiveness.

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