Old education system rogue as students had to read, write, vomit: Union Minister

Old education system rogue as students had to read, write, vomit: Union Minister

The old Macaulay system of education was “rogue”, as students had to “read, write and vomit”, the New Education Policy will help them get a “holistic education”, said Union MoS for education Subhas Sarkar on Saturday (February 25).

Speaking to reporters at the Raj Bhavan, he said the New Education Policy (NEP) will help students get holistic education. “The previous Macaulay system of education was rogue. Students had to read, write and then vomit. The entire globe is shifting from the old educational policy to a new holistic manner of education, which is imparted in such a way that students can give back to society,” he said.

British politician Thomas Babington Macaulay had played a key role in introducing English as the medium of instruction for education in India in the 1800s.

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“Now, we need holistic education, and there should not be any compartment. An Arts student can study physics and chemistry, whereas a Science student can include history and economics as his choice of subjects,” Sarkar said.

He was part of a panel discussion on NEP at the Raj Bhavan, organised by the Merchants Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Governor CV Ananda Bose and several eminent educationists were also present.

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Sarkar said he does not agree with people who allege that attempts were being made to “saffronise education”. “Please show me a single instance of saffronisation. Is it saffronisation if I say that India has given the world zero, or if I mention that Pi was discovered by Indian saints,” he asked. He said the West Bengal government was only stating verbally that it would not implement the NEP, and has not given anything in writing.

If a state does not follow the NEP, it will be a big loss for the students, as there will be a common university entrance test in the country, the minister said.

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