The Federal Crossword: 102

The Federal Crossword: 102

This crossword has a mix of direct (Quick) clues and cryptic clues. For those new to cryptics, here are some indicators to help you decode the clues.
– Sounds like, hear, reportedly, auditory (anything indicating sound) is used to indicate that the answer is a homophone or similar sounding word.
– Contain, reveal, hidden, holds etc. can indicate that the answer is hidden in the words that form the clue. e.g. She, L. Lola, hides a greeting (5) = HELLO
-Words that indicate movement or jumbling (break up, dance, move/, shift, reform, form etc.) may indicate anagrams.
– When a language or country is explicitly mentioned, you may have to find a word in that language. Common examples: The Spanish = El, the French = La/Le/les, Good in France = Bon.
Clicking on ‘REVEAL’ and ‘HINT’ may also provide additional clues.

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