COVID-19 lockdown: No relaxation in Tamil Nadu till May 3

After formal discussions with the expert committee, the Tamil Nadu government has decided that no relaxation amid COVID-19 lockdown will be provided in the state till May 3, 2020.

Prohibitory orders under section 144 CrPc would continue till September 30. Photo: PTI

Following a meeting with the expert committee on April 20, the Tamil Nadu government has decided that no relaxation will be given in the state till May 3, amid the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown. The existing order will continue until further notice.

According to a recent statement issued by the government, states like Karnataka, Punjab, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Telangana have decided to follow the existing orders to continue the lockdown till May 3. In order to intensify the containment of coronavirus, the Tamil Nadu government has also followed the lockdown extension.

“After the discussion with the expert committee, it has been decided that as per the State Disaster Management Act 2005, the existing orders will be in effect till May 3. If the spread of the infection decreases and the situation improves, then the government will have another meeting with the expert committee and decide over relaxation based on the committee’s recommendations,” the statement said.

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However, the operational timing will remain the same for the shops selling essential items.
Meanwhile, the health ministry announced that India’s doubling rate has come down to 7.5 days, from the earlier rate of 3.4 days after the imposition of the nationwide lockdown. The doubling rate is the number of days it takes for the confirmed COVID-19 cases to double.