Chyawanaprash to pranayama: Centres SOP for COVID-cured wraps it all

Chyawanaprash to pranayama: Centre's SOP for COVID-cured wraps it all

Traditional Indian practices like AYUSH medicines and yoga have found a special mention in the Home Ministry’s newly-released guidelines for post-COVID management.

The guidelines meant to help individuals who have recovered from COVID, suggest the practise of Yogasana, Pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation besides morning and evening walks for fitness, and make a case for immunity-promoting AYUSH medicines.

An annexure on AYUSH medication in the document recommends individuals to take Chyawanprash, Amla, Mulethi powder (for dry cough), turmeric milk and formulations like Ayush Kwath and Samshamani vati to boost immunity and aid in the therapy.

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The guidelines make a special case for Chyawanprash as per the suggestion of the Ministry of AYUSH. It says a teaspoon of the Ayurvedic concoction with lukewarm milk or water is highly recommended as it is “believed to be effective in post-recovery period.”

The health ministry’s recommendations, however, come with the rider that all AYUSH medicines should be prescribed only by qualified practitioners.

The ministry also clarifies that the guidelines are not be meant to be construed as a preventive/curative therapy, but are rather a set of holistic measures to manage patients recovering from COVID and avoid a relapse of the disease.

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