After early hiccups, vaccination gathers pace in Tamil Nadu
Adverse events following immunisation are between 10 to 15 per million population | Photo for Representative Purposes Only

After early hiccups, vaccination gathers pace in Tamil Nadu

Vaccination in Tamil Nadu has improved in the last few days as more and more people are ready to get the jab. In Chennai, many Urban Primary Health Centres are crowded as more than 500 people are standing in queue to get the first dose. Even within the age between 18 and 45, since May 16 more than 2 lakh have taken the first dose.

Data released by the state health department shows a total of 78.16 lakh people have taken at least the first dose of any of the two vaccines available in the state.

The renewed interest among people to get vaccination comes after days of a dull vaccination drive seen in many districts including Chennai. While people earlier showed reluctance to take jabs, leading to vaccine wastage, better awareness has goaded many to come forward now.

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On May 24, the number of people taking the jab was 92,614 but the next day it increased to 2.24 lakh and on May 26, the number of people taking the jab increased to 2.58 lakh.

Going by the total number of people taking the jab at 78.16 lakh, so far nearly 10 per cent of Tamil Nadu’s population have taken at least one dose and there is a long way to go before at least half the population is vaccinated.

Age wise data shows that 30.12 lakh people in the age group of 45 to 60 have been vaccinated.

Though the vaccination for people above 60 years was started first, so far only 24.78 lakh who are above 60 years have taken the jab.

Similarly in the age group of 18-45 for whom the vaccination in Tamil Nadu started pretty late, a total of 4.70 lakh have taken the first dose so far. This is less than 2 per cent of the state’s population in that age group.

As of now only frontline workers who are in the age group of 18-45 are allowed to take the first dose and once it is opened up for all those who are in this age group, the number of people taking jab will also increase.

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District-wise, Chennai leads all other districts with a total of 18.84 lakh taking at least one dose of the vaccine. In Coimbatore around 5 lakh have taken the jab followed by Chengalpet district in which 3.15 lakh have been vaccinated. In Madurai and Trichy, 2.89 lakh and 2.65 lakh have taken the jab.

Many epidemiological experts are saying that unless more than 50 per cent of the population is vaccinated, it is not possible to have a community herd.

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