BRS is ‘BJP Rishtedar Samithi’; KCR, AIMIM leaders are Modi’s own: Rahul
Rahul Gandhi addresses the rally in Tukkuguda in Telangana on Sunday | PTI

BRS is ‘BJP Rishtedar Samithi’; KCR, AIMIM leaders are Modi’s own: Rahul

There is no case against KCR or AIMIM and only Opposition is attacked because Modi never attacks his own people, Rahul Gandhi says at Telangana rally

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Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Sunday (September 17) dubbed Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao’s party BRS as “BJP Rishtedar Samithi” and claimed that while Opposition leaders were being attacked by government agencies, there were no cases against Rao and AIMIM leaders because Prime Minister Narendra Modi “considers them his own”.

Addressing a rally in Tukkuguda near Hyderabad ahead of the Telangana Assembly polls, Gandhi said in Telangana, the Congress is not just fighting the Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS), but the BJP and the All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) as well.

“They call each other separate parties but they are working together in collusion. I have seen BRS MPs in Lok Sabha. When BJP needed them, their (BRS) people supported it,” he said, citing the instances of BRS “support” to the BJP on farm laws, GST, and President and Vice-President polls.

Whenever the BJP needed its help, the BRS supported them, the former Congress chief said. “We selected today for a meeting and all three parties (BRS, BJP, AIMIM) held a meeting because they wanted to disturb our meeting. But they have not been able to disturb our meeting,” Gandhi said.

“In the evening, they will talk and say that ‘we would have to find a new way to stop the Congress party’,” he said.

“No case against KCR, AIMIM”

Gandhi claimed there is a case against every Opposition leader and government agencies such as the Enforcement Directorate, the Central Bureau of Investigation, and the Income Tax Department are after them.

“But there is no case against KCR (Rao). There is no case against AIMIM. Only the Opposition is attacked. Modi ji never attacks his own people. He regards your CM and AIMIM leaders as his own, and therefore, there is no case against them,” Gandhi said.

“All corruption records have been broken but there is no case,” he said, terming the BRS as “BJP Rishtedaar Samithi”.

“I saw Sonia (Gandhi) ji’s speech. Whatever Sonia ji says, she fulfils it. She does not speak loudly but when she says something, she does it,” Rahul Gandhi said and recalled how the Congress fulfilled the promise of creation of Telangana. “We did not give statehood to Telangana for the benefit of KCR and his family,” he said.

“BRS govt will go”

The BRS government will go away in the next 100 days and nobody can change that, be it BJP or AIMIM, he said.

Gandhi also explained the six guarantees the party has announced for Telangana. He said the first guarantee is that Rs 5 lakh will be given for the construction of a house to all those who do not have one. Under this scheme, he said a 250 square foot house would also be given to those who fought in the Telangana statehood movement.

“All those listening who don’t have a home, as soon as our government comes, you will get a home,” Gandhi said.

Under the second Mahalakshmi scheme, every month Rs 2,500 will be given to women, a cylinder for Rs 500 and free travel in buses.

The third guarantee is Griha Jyoti and under this, 200 units of free electricity will be given.

Under the fourth scheme, up to Rs 5 lakh assistance for education in college and financial aid in coaching, Rahul Gandhi said.

“Rs 4,000 monthly pension for elderly and Rs 10 lakh health insurance,” he said. And finally, Rs 15,000 for farmers and Rs 12,000 for farm labourers annually, the Congress leader said.

(With agency inputs)
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