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KC Venugopal has slammed CM Vijayan’s alleged remark against the Congress

Congress dismisses Kerala CM’s ‘secret nexus with BJP’ remark as joke

Pinarayi Vijayan had made the unsavoury remark against the Congress during election meetings in Puthuppally where Assembly bypoll is due on September 5

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Dismissing as a “joke” the allegation levelled by Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan that it was in an unholy nexus with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the opposition Congress on Saturday (August 26) said even a child wouldn't believe such “false propaganda” unleashed by the Left leader.

A visibly agitated AICC general secretary KC Venugopal sought to know how the Grand Old Party could make any compromise with the BJP and its government, which has been allegedly indulging in political witch hunt against its leader Rahul Gandhi.

Speaking to the media in Kottayam, Venugopal also said the Congress is committed in its fight against the Narendra Modi government at the Centre. “Kerala Chief Minister's allegation was just a joke. Even a child in this country knows very well the attempts made by PM Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah in the last six months to keep our leader out of Parliament. How can we compromise with such a party?” Venugopal asked.

Addressing public meetings in Puthuppally, Kottayam recently, where Assembly bypoll is scheduled on September 5, Vijayan accused the Congress of having a secret nexus with the BJP.

Venugopal asked the chief minister to make it clear who was fighting against the saffron party and the government at the Centre if it was not the Congress. “Is Vijayan the person who is fighting against the BJP? If he has fought against them, he would not have remained as the Kerala chief minister," the senior Congress leader added.

Reiterating that nobody would believe such a false propaganda unleashed by Vijayan, he said that both the Congress and the party-led UDF would not ever reach any compromise with the saffron party in the state or outside.

Venugopal also described the CPI(M) as a party which has presence only in the southern state.

(With agency inputs)

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