Modi promises historic decisions in 5-day Parliament Session
The PM said the decisions taken in the new building of Parliament will help India become a developed country by 2047 | PTI

Modi promises 'historic decisions' in 5-day Parliament Session

PM sings paeans on current Parliament building as legislative houses get set to move to the new one

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has indicated that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government at the Centre is prepared to take historic decisions during the five-day special session of Parliament that commenced on Monday (September 18).

Speaking on the first day of the special session, Modi emphasised that although the period of the special session was short, it had huge importance.

“This session of the Parliament is short and its duration is limited, but going by the time, and the occasion, it is of immense importance and it is huge. This is a session of historic decisions,” Modi said outside the Parliament complex ahead of the special session of Parliament.

“Emotional moment”

Talking to the media before the start of the session, the PM also said that during the five-day session, Parliament will shift from the old building to the new one and asked all Members of Parliament (MPs) from both Houses to work towards nation-building.

“At a time when we are saying goodbye to this historic building and we will go to the new building, it is a very emotional moment for me. Before India gained independence, this Parliament used to be called the Imperial Legislative Council, but after independence, it gained the identity of Parliament House. There is no doubt that the decision to construct this building was taken by foreign rulers, but India will never forget, and we are extremely proud to say that it was the hard work, sweat, and money of the country that were used to construct the building,” PM said while addressing the MPs.

The PM said the decisions taken in the new building of Parliament will help India become a developed country by 2047, when India celebrates 100 years of its independence.

“Now, while taking forward the journey from a new place, we have to make the country a developed country by 2047. For this reason, all the decisions of the time to come will be taken in the new Parliament building,” said PM Modi.

“Not the time to complain”

Modi also took the opportunity to send a message to Opposition parties that wanted to corner the Union government during the special session of Parliament on issues like the ongoing violence in Manipur, the price rise, and unemployment. Without naming any Opposition leader or Opposition parties, Modi said he hoped that all MPs would take part in the proceedings of Parliament with enthusiasm because this was not the time to start complaining.

Before the start of the session, Modi said the special session was called at a time when the Moon Mission, Chandrayaan-3, was a success and ShivShakit Point was the new centre of inspiration for the entire country. The prime minister further emphasised that the success of the G-20 was a proud moment for the country, and he also urged the Parliament to unanimously support the success of the recently concluded G-20 meetings in the country.

“India will always be proud that we became the voice of the Global South during the G20 Summit and that the African Union became a permanent member of the G20. All this is a signal of India’s bright future,” PM said in Lok Sabha.

“We proved them wrong”

Talking about the recent important decisions taken in Parliament, Modi said the abrogation of Article 370, the implementation of GST, the decision of One Rank, One Pension, and implementation of 10 per cent reservation for the economically weaker sections were also taken by Parliament.

“When India gained its independence, many critics felt and doubted whether India would remain united or get divided. We have proved all of them wrong. Over the years, the trust of people in the Parliament and democratic values has remained intact and also gained strength,” said Modi.

He further said that even during the outbreak of COVID-19, the MPs of all parties continued to attend the sessions, as they did not want to halt the growth story of India and felt that the journey of India must not be impacted.

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