US Senator Lindsey Graham backs nuclear option for Israel in Gaza war
US Senator Lindsey Graham is of the opinion that Israel must be allowed to nuke Gaza if need be | Wikimedia Commons

US Senator Lindsey Graham backs nuclear option for Israel in Gaza war

Drawing parallels with WWII, Graham advocates for Israel's access to nuclear weapons amid Biden's bomb delivery pause, leading to controversy

Comparing the Israel-Hamas war with World War II, Senator Lindsey Graham has said the US's decision to drop nuclear bombs on Japan to end the conflict was the right choice, hinting that it would be the same for Israel.

Drawing further comparisons with the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki — which killed more than 2,00,000 individuals and left a lot more severely injured — the US Congressperson said Israel ought to do "whatever" it takes to survive as a "Jewish state".

He also suggested that Israel should have access to similar weapons to end the war with Hamas.

Graham slams Biden

Graham also slammed US President Joe Biden for halting the delivery of 3,000 heavy bombs to Israel.

During an interview on NBC News, Graham drew parallels between the situations faced by the US during World War II and Israel's current conflict, insisting on the need for decisive action.

Blame on Hamas

He argued that just as the US used nuclear weapons to end the war, Israel should be provided with the necessary tools to secure its survival as a Jewish state.

Graham also blamed Hamas for civilian casualties in Gaza, alleging their use of civilians as human shields.

He urged Israel to take whatever actions are necessary for its survival.

Biden's warning

Recently, President Biden paused the delivery of heavy bombs to Israel and warned of further repercussions if Israeli forces escalate the conflict in certain areas like Rafah.

This move by Biden has come amid severe protests, particularly on college campuses in the US and from a section of the Democrats.

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